Addiction Detox Austin

Addiction Detox Austin

Do you need help with an alcohol or drug problem? If you or a loved one is living in Austin, Texas and you need immediate help to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs then give Summer Sky Treatment Center® a call today. We offer addiction detox programs to individuals living in Austin, Texas, and the Greater Austin Area who need help becoming free from addictive substances.

Our advanced addiction detox programs utilize the best pharmacological interventions to help people safely detoxify from addictive substances. In recent years medical science has provided more advanced medical detox and treatment best practices to help people become free from mood or mind-altering addictive substances. Summer Sky utilizes these advanced detoxification & treatment protocols throughout our addiction treatment programs.

Addiction Detox is especially helpful to those that have repeatedly attempted to stop using either alcohol or drugs and found themselves unable to stay stopped from an addictive substance. Many individuals that attempt to stop using an addictive substance, will experience a physical urge or craving to return to drinking shortly after stopping their alcohol or drug usage. These individuals will discover that addiction detox programs can make all the difference in helping them remain free from addictive substances.

Addiction Detox helps people manage the associated physical withdrawal symptoms that present once a person ceases to ingest chemicals into their body. The number one reason people return to drinking alcohol or using drugs is because of the physical & psychological withdrawal symptoms that begin once a person discontinues an addictive substance.

The Summer Sky Addiction Detox Programs

Summer Sky offers two different types of medical detoxification programs. One is our Detox Now Program™ which involves medical detoxification & stabilization and lasts around 10-days from start to finish. The other type of detox program is our traditional medical detoxification program that is incorporated into our 30-day addiction treatment programs & 90-day addiction rehabs.

People that are needing addiction treatment and medical detoxification normally choose our traditional medical detoxification programs since they are included with both the 30-day addiction treatment program and 90-day addiction rehab.

Trusted Addiction Detox Programs in Texas

When you choose treatment at Summer Sky you will join over 20,000 amazing individuals that have utilized our addiction detox programs over the last 37 years. We are grateful that we have been placed in a position to help so many people to stop drinking alcohol or using addictive substances. We are on a mission in Texas to help as many people as possible. If you are a resident of Austin, Texas or the surrounding Greater Austin Area give us a call at 1-888-857-8857 and we can help you become free from addictive substances.

Our addiction treatment programs are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and we are accredited by the Joint Commission a third-party accreditation body that helps ensure that a treatment center is operating and providing high-quality addiction treatment services.

In addition to maintaining high-quality addiction treatment services, some of our addiction treatment counseling staff have been awarded State & National awards for their contribution to helping individuals, families, and other addiction professionals in the treatment of substance use disorders.

Our Staff is experienced and dedicated to helping individuals recover from all substance use disorders. Our Staff has created innovative addiction treatment programs, contributed to best practices to help other treatment centers provide high-quality treatment, and most importantly help people restore their lives to healthy functioning without alcohol or drugs.

What makes our Addiction Detox Unique?

The Summer Sky Addiction Detox Program is unique because we do not utilize a one size fits all approach to medical detoxification or addiction treatment services. We are compassionate to the needs of the individuals who are utilizing our medical detoxification services. We help people to “Detox with Dignity” by being mindful that everyone has different needs that must be addressed during the beginning phases of medical detoxification. Our medical staff is compassionate and understanding to the individuals that are accessing our medical detoxification programs. We will help a person safely detoxify from addictive substances. Your overall needs and detox goals will be determined by you and the medical doctors who will provide the care during medical detox.

Summer Sky Addiction Detox Programs utilize FDA-approved medications that are effective for the detoxification of addictive substances. In addition to FDA-approved medications, we can also help people who desire to utilize the benefits of anti-craving medications if they are looking for extra help at the beginning of their recovery process. Summer Sky believes in offering the people we serve different addiction treatment options to help them make more informed choices about the available treatment options for their recovery.

Why is addiction detox important for someone with a substance use disorder?

Addiction detox is the prerequisite to becoming alcohol or drug-free from physically addictive substances. It has been repeatedly proven that unless a person eliminates physically harmful substances from their bodies then little or no psychological treatment services can be effective. If the addictive substances stay in the system the individual will not recover control of their body, mind, or social life as a result of the dependence that has been developed from becoming addicted to substances. So, an individual must be properly detoxified before future psychological measures can be utilized to treat the overall addiction to substances.

Addiction Detox Provides Help with Withdrawal Symptoms

Addiction Detox provides individuals with a safe way to eliminate addictive substances from their bodies while simultaneously mitigating dangerous withdrawal symptoms that often appear when a person abruptly attempts to stop using an addictive substance. Withdrawal symptoms are the number one reason people return to drinking or using addictive substances once they attempt to stop using an addictive substance on their own. We caution against anyone attempting to detoxify themselves without the assistance of an addiction detox center. It can be dangerous to stop using addictive substances that are pharmacologically known to create physical withdrawal symptoms. Always seek addiction detox before abruptly stopping the use of physically addictive substances. Addiction Detox is a medical component of addiction treatment programs and requires the help of medical professionals trained in addiction detox protocols to help a person safely detoxify.

Why is addiction detox vital to people with a substance use disorder?

It is important to understand that addiction is a primary illness that develops as a result of brain chemical changes from using either alcohol or drugs. No one sets out to become addicted to an addictive substance. Most people that become addicted to substances do not even notice in the beginning that they are slowly losing control of their ability to stop or regulate how many addictive substances someone is ingesting into their bodies daily.

However, once a person develops physical and psychological dependence upon an addictive substance often the only way to become free from the substance is by asking for help and then entering an addiction treatment program. Since substance use disorders can cause many harmful consequences a good place to begin treatment is by entering a medical detoxification program.

Every day somewhere in Texas and across the United States a person develops an addiction to either alcohol, prescription drugs, or an illegal substance. Thousands of people daily enter addiction detox & inpatient treatment programs to treat their substance-related problems.

Summer Sky can help a person break the cycle of addiction. You or your loved one is not alone, and there is a way out of addiction. Addiction Detox is vital because it saves lives daily. People who develop a physical dependency on addictive substances can prematurely die from attempting to detoxify themselves without the assistance of an addiction detox center. We urge people to seek the help of a trained addiction detox facility before attempting to abruptly stop using addictive substances.

Do you need Immediate Assistance with Detoxification?

Summer Sky is open 24 hours a day 7-days a week to help individuals and families that need medical detoxification or addiction treatment services. We can be reached by calling our confidential admissions phone line at 1-888-857-8857. Often an individual can schedule treatment on the same day that they call us for help. We look forward to serving you or your family members. Together we can break the cycle of addiction and help you restore balance to your health. Below are some additional addiction treatment programs that Summer Sky offers to individuals needing treatment services.

Summer Sky Treatment Programs

Summer Sky Special Feature Treatment Services


Summer Sky Accepts Most Major Private Health Insurance Plans

Aetna Anthem Beacon Health Options
Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS HMO BCBS of Texas PPO
Cigna ComPsych Federal BCBS
Beechstreet PPO First Health Galaxy Health Network
Golden Rule-PPO Health Smart Humana
Life Synch Humana Magellan Optum
PHCS/Multiplan MHNet United Healthcare
United Behavioral Health (UMR) Scott and White Health Plan


We are in-network with most major insurance companies and the above listing is only a sample of some major health insurance companies we accept at Summer Sky. There are so many other health plans not listed above that we also accept at Summer Sky. Contact our admissions department to verify that we accept your health insurance. We can be reached by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.

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