Abilene Texas Drug Rehab Programs

Abilene Texas Drug Rehab Programs:

There are some great counseling programs, therapists, outpatient treatment providers, 12-step recovery programs, and behavioral health providers in Abilene, Texas. People can access many different types of substance use disorder treatment programs and resources in the community.

Recovery support and treatment are necessary services for people who experience problems related to addictive substances. It takes a lot of courage to recognize that alcohol or drugs have created a situation in your life that has contributed to the difficulty in controlling addictive substances.

When a person discovers that they can no longer stop drinking alcohol or using drugs we refer to this as developing a substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder. At this point, it is a good idea to seek help from a Texas Drug Rehab preferably an addiction treatment center that offers medical detoxification programs.

In Abilene, you can contact a substance use disorder treatment program by calling Summer Sky Treatment Center® to discuss the various type of drug rehabilitation programs in Texas. Reaching out for help for an alcohol problem or drug problem all begins with picking up the phone and asking for help. You can call Summer Sky at 1-888-857-8857.

We encourage people to utilize the above types of services to help them with problems related to addictions. Nevertheless, many times, people who are experiencing problems with alcohol or drugs will need a more comprehensive approach to helping them to deal with their alcohol or drug problems. This is where a Texas alcohol & drug rehab program has an advantage over other addiction resources.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers Texas Drug Rehab Programs that help people that are experiencing problems with maintaining abstinence from addictive substances. The majority of the people we help require assistance from our medical detoxification services before other forms of treatment or therapy can be effective.

People with severe addictions experience physical & psychological disruptions at a greater intensity than others, and the physical addiction requires medical detoxification & stabilization to bring the addiction withdrawal symptoms under control. People with an addiction experience a loss of control associated with their alcohol or drug usage. For this reason, entering a treatment program can relieve this problem.

Residents of Abilene, Texas, or the surrounding Taylor and Jones Counties do have access to local Texas Drug Rehab Programs and for people who would like to leave the area to enter other Texas Treatment Centers, there are some great programs in proximity to Abilene, Texas.

People with Addictive Problems:

Addiction, by its nature, is a progressive chronic disorder that if left untreated, will spiral out of control, and create problems that are physical, psychological, and social problems. In some cases, the individual battling addiction will experience legal issues created while under the influence of their addictive substance.

While not everyone will experience legal issues as a result of their addictions, many people eventually begin to experience adverse health conditions as a result of their addiction to alcohol or drugs. When addiction is left untreated without a solution to its problem, it is easier for individuals with the addiction to find themselves heading toward legal problems or deteriorating health problems.

Most addictions will progress to more intense problems if the addiction problem is not dealt with as soon as the problem is recognized. There is no reason to allow yourself to spiral further into the addiction consequences that develop with the continued usage of addictive substances.

The best way to stop an addiction is to enter a Texas Drug Rehab Program so that you can be a part of stopping the cycle of addiction. Texas Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers are well-equipped with techniques and solutions to help you stop an addiction.

Summer Sky Offers a Solution to Addictions:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® works closely with people in Abilene, Texas like counseling agencies, medical doctors, counselors, clinics, hospitals, psychiatric facilities, attorneys, small business operators, large and small corporations, and churches in the community that encounters people who need alcohol or drug treatment.

Our Texas Drug Rehab Programs are available to the people living in Abilene and surrounding areas 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Summer Sky provides medical detoxification services, inpatient treatment, and residential treatment all centrally located in our Stephenville, Texas alcohol and drug treatment center.

When people in your community get help for an alcohol or drug problem, they return from treatment with a renewed focus on improving their lives and bringing support to others who have struggled with the same problem they have experienced.

There is an unselfish attitude that is created among people that attend treatment and return to their community and enter the recovery community in Abilene, Texas. We understand the importance of community and how important it is to work with people in all places across the State of Texas to help people that need alcohol or drug treatment.

When people reach out and ask for help Summer Sky Treatment Center® is available to answer questions, guide individuals to services or provide immediate access to one of our Texas Addiction Treatment Centers. The people we serve dramatically improve their lives daily as hope is restored. The simple fact is that treatment works, and people do recover when they enter an addiction treatment program.

Do you need assistance with motivating a person to go into treatment?

Sometimes people with addictions to a substance will struggle with denial and the inability to stop using substances because of the fear associated with the withdrawal process. In these cases, utilizing the help of trained interventionists to intervene in the situation is sometimes the best step to getting a person into treatment services.

The intervention process is very effective and usually produces a result of motivating a person into treatment by performing an intervention. You can contact Summer Sky to get help with intervention services.

In addition to intervention services Summer Sky also can provide you and your family with a licensed chemical dependency counselor that can meet with you and discuss treatment options for people who are living in Abilene, Texas. Summer Sky does provide an outreach program for those living in Abilene, Texas area.

So, if you are a family member, friend, significant other, or employer that wants to help someone resistant to receiving treatment then give Summer Sky a call and we will help you with intervention services or assistance with one of our counseling staff that can help go over treatment options with you.

Texas Drug Rehab Program Facts:

Those needing a Texas Drug Rehab have several different options for entering a rehab program. Most rehab programs like Summer Sky are covered by almost all private healthcare plans. Summer Sky is unique in the fact that they accept so many different insurance plans, and all services are covered through in-network health plans.

This means we accept PPO and HMO, and in most cases, we are considered a preferred provider for most managed care insurance plans. For those that do not have health insurance or desire to pay for treatment privately, we do offer affordable private pay options for medical detox services, inpatient treatment, and residential treatment services.

Summer Sky Does Accept Most Major Health Plans

Aetna Anthem Beacon Health Options
Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS HMO BCBS of Texas PPO
Cigna ComPsych Federal BCBS
First Health Galaxy Health Network Health Smart
Humana Life Synch Humana Magellan
Optum PHCS/Multiplan MHNet
United Healthcare United Behavioral Health (UBH) Scott and White Health Plan
United Healthcare PP0 & HMO GEHA OSCAR


If you do not see your health plan listed above? Call us at 1-888-857-8857 to see if we accept your plan! There are so many health plans across Texas that we accept.

Do you need alcohol or drug treatment now?     

Do you need alcohol or drug treatment and you’re living in the Abilene, Texas region? If you are looking to attend an alcohol rehab or drug rehab program, then consider utilizing one of the Best Drug Rehab Programs in Texas. Summer Sky Treatment Center is a privately-owned Texas-based alcohol and drug treatment center located in Stephenville, Texas.

Our alcohol rehabs, drug rehabs, and specialty addiction treatment programs have been recognized nationally as substance use disorder treatment programs. We can help you recover from an alcohol use disorder or substance use disorder. Treatment is the number one most effective way to become alcohol or drug-free from addictive substances.

If you are living in Abilene, Texas, and need quick access to a medical detox program, inpatient treatment or residential treatment program for alcohol or drugs then contact Summer Sky Treatment Center we are one of the best alcohol addiction and drug addiction treatment centers in the State of Texas. We can be reached at 1-888-857-8857, and we look forward to helping you or a loved one become free from alcohol or drugs.

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