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Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Videos

Summer Sky is providing the below videos to educate those looking for resources and information about treatment. When looking for treatment for someone with substance use disorder, it is important to realize that the immediate family, employers, colleagues, friends, doctors, attorneys, insurance companies and other concerned citizens are the first to see the addictions. 

You can help when no one else is saying anything about the addictive disorder. We want to encourage you and inform you of many things you can do to help a person seek help. 

In essence, everyone around the individual suffering from substance use disorders is affected in some form or fashion by the attitudes, behaviors, decisions, actions of the person with the addiction.

Remember you don't have to intervene alone. Professionals like us at Summer Sky are well equipped to guide you through the intervention process.

We hope that the below videos will help educate you and give you more insight on how to help others with substance use disorders. 

Summer Sky National Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program

Summer Sky Treatment Center is a licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services and is accredited by The Joint Commission. Summer Sky offers a 24-hour a day medical detoxification program, residential treatment, and intensive outpatient programs.   

Prescription drugs can kill you, and most people don’t think of the possibility that an overdose can happen when you least expect one to happen. Mixing chemicals with other substances increases the likelihood of and adverse reaction that could create and overdose on prescription drugs. Please seek help for addictions to prescriptions drugs.


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