Pet Therapy


Summer Sky has implemented pet therapy to enhance the treatment experience. The use of animal-assisted therapy is an emerging trend in healthcare, and we have found that its results are amazing in helping individuals that deal with different psychological issues in conjunction to being treated for substance use disorders. The pet therapy can help with motivating individuals during the recovery process as well as assist in the healing process.

One great benefit of having access to animal assisted therapy during treatment is sometimes certain individuals can become stuck in their treatment. Traditionally this is identified by the staff and psychological measures, including counseling, interviewing and motivation is utilized to re-activate the individual back into the treatment process. However, for some individuals the pet therapy helps in lowering resistance, defenses, feelings of calmness, provides comfort, lowers anxiety and decreases agitation.

 Summer Sky believes in utilizing as many different techniques as possible to treat substance use disorders. What works for one individual may not work for another individual, but having access to other forms of therapy sure does help when you are the one that needs the extra help.

Pet Therapy Benefits

Decreases Isolation

Decreases Depression

 Feeling of Calmness

Helps with Communication

Provides Comfort

Reduces Boredom

Decreases Anxiety

Decreases Anxiety

Helps in Motivation

Faster Healing

Reduces Loneliness

Stabilizes Blood Pressure

Increases Socialization

Helps with Focus

Promotes Cooperation


Summer Sky would like to introduce to you Hauss, Our newest Treatment Team Member at Summer Sky!