National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month


National Recovery Month ( September 2017)

 Summer Sky believes in the therapeutic value of one peer helping another peer with a substance use disorders.  Helping another person with their similar difficulties and being mentored by those that have experienced recovery is something of great value. It has, even more, impact when your fellow peer has suffered and conquered some of the same feelings and concerns that new people in recovery experience.

 There is a power of influence that takes place by identification when an individual shares or relates to someone who is going through a similar situation. What we know about addiction is that those who isolate from others lessen their chances of being able to achieve recovery.

 Isolation is the enemy of those in recovery. To combat this problem, we suggest that people in recovery get involved in their community after successfully completing treatment. In today's world, their is no reason for someone to recover by themselves. It is important that recovering people stay involved in their personal recovery. It is vital for your countinued growth to be involved in your community. To help people recover from substance use disorders, Summer Sky would like to recommend that you take advantage of many events held yearly to recognize you and the recovery process. Why not join the world and do your part in showing others that recovery is possible.

   During the month of September, all across the nation, there are celebration recovery events. These events highlight, support, encourage others to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that it takes to stay in recovery. When you choose to attend one of these events, your are reinforcing to others in this world that recovery is possible. The stigma of addiction can be broken, and you can be an important instrument for making that possible.

People do recover, and treatment is available for those who wish to find recovery. If you or a family member is struggling with addiction, please get help. If you would like to discuss further treatment options, then please contact our admissions specialist at 1-888-857-8857 and they will be more than glad to assist you with questions or how to go about getting into treatment.

 To help in the promotion of National Recovery Month, please frequently return to the National Recovery Month page to see what local and state events will take place in your community. 

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