In-Network Insurance


In-Network Insurance

Summer Sky believes in contracting with insurance companies to offer our customers the best financial breaks on their pocketbooks. We understand that the cost of substance use disorders can impact the individual and families in so many ways. For us being a provider who accepts in-network insurance is a way to offer treatment at affordable prices for you the consumer. The reality is that In-Network Insurance saves the individual and family members financial resources. Substance Use Disorders have a tendency of already costing individuals way too much, and the last thing we want to do is create debt for a person completing treatment and entering the world of recovery.      

Why should I find an In-Network Provider? The answer is that in-network providers must adhere to a higher standard to protect the consumers they serve. In-network providers should be efficient and mindful of your valuable time in treatment. In-network treatment providers are constantly being evaluated by your insurance company to make sure the provider is following guidelines and best practices in alcohol or drug treatment services.

In-Network and out-of-network benefits for substance use disorder treatment

In-Network PP0 plans have the most freedom of all insurance plans. Here is an example of how in-network insurance providers save you financial resources.

In-Network: You call Summer Sky Treatment Center and talk with our admission specialist. The admission specialist will discuss with you the different treatment options that may be available to you. Summer Sky offers outpatient treatment, detoxification, and inpatient residential treatment. During the conversation, we will discuss criteria for admission into our treatment programs. You may be asked which program you desire to receive services from for example our 30-day or 90-day treatment programs. Depending on your needs and the level of care that is appropriate for your situation will depend on which program is best suited for your needs. During the initial screening call, we can verify your benefits and explain what your insurance company will pay for services at our facility. This is important because it lets you know the cost up front and how much your insurance company will cover, the deductible and any coinsurance or out of pocket expenses on your part.

The Treatment at Summer Sky cost an estimated $11,000 for a 30-day depending on the level of care that you are in throughout the treatment episode. Your insurance company will pay for $6,000 to $8000* dollars depending on levels of care and your medical needs. Since we are an in-network provider, your insurance company has a contracted rate already worked out for each level of care that you will be in treatment at Summer Sky. The cost for you’re out of your pocket is reduced because you chose an In-network facility. This means you owe significantly less than a provider that is an out-of-network provider.       

Remember to be an In-network Treatment provider like Summer Sky a treatment provider must prove that it can provide treatment at a higher level to maintain the in-network status with your insurance company. All kinds of oversite and compliance must be adhered to remain as an in-network treatment provider. Your insurance company demands that the treatment provider is staying in compliance. Which in turn equals higher quality of treatment for you the consumer. 

*Each insurance company’s rates of payment to the provider vary depending on the negotiated rate and levels of care and length of time you personally need during treatment. All levels of care are based on medically necessary determinations and rationales.