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The family program at
Summer Sky is dedicated to restoration of the family. We understand that treatment is the beginning of a lifetime of recovery. So often the addicted individual is treated for their illness, but the family is left out. Addiction steals from the family their true identity, and creates behaviors that are destructive in the relationships.

Some family members often blame themselves for the addiction of their loved one. The truth is no family is responsible for another’s addiction. Addiction is a chronic medical illness that attacks the brain, damaging parts of the cerebral cortex and limbic system. It is a very complex illness that affects the body, mind, emotions, spirit, and social life of each individual. Our family program is an educational program that shows you the exact nature of addiction and shows you skills to help you and your loved one support each other in the recovery process.


We recognize the unique power of influence that each family brings to the process of recovery and the support that they offer. Loved ones can bring positive change into the addicted individuals’ recovery. The power of the family system to impact behavior of its members cannot be denied. Healing from the damage that your loved one has caused you is extremely important for the treatment process and the recovery process.

Summer Sky - Family Program 


With recovery comes the opportunity to rebuild the relationships that have been affected as a result of the addictions. The Summer Sky Family Program addresses the needs of the family first and gives each family member practical guidance for being apart of their loved ones recovery support team. Everyone in the family in some form has been affected by the addiction of their loved one. During the family program opportunity is available to learn new skills and become educated about the addiction and recovery process. The explanation of the addicted individual’s defense system is revealed and skills are taught on how to modify the role that the drug or alcohol use behavior plays in the family. 


During the course of treatment the family will have contact with the primary counselor of your loved one. Participation and attendance on the weekends are highly encouraged by all family members.