90-Day Treatment Programs Versus a 30-Day Treatment Program

90-Day Treatment Programs Versus a 30-Day Treatment Program

What is an addiction treatment program?

Very simply addiction treatment is a planned, structured, and organized substance use disorder treatment program designed to initiate and promote a person’s substance-free status or to maintain that a person is free of either alcohol or drugs. Addiction treatment includes, but is not limited to, the application of planned procedures to identify and help a person to change patterns of behavior related to or resulting from substance-related disorders.

These substance-related disorders are normally maladaptive, destructive, or injurious to the health of the one who has become addicted to the substance. Addiction treatment is a process of restoring an individual to the appropriate levels of physical, psychological, or social functioning.

Treatment is Effective for People with a Substance Use Disorder  

It’s important to recognize that “Treatment is effective at helping men and women recover from substance use disorders”. Treatment is the single most effective way to stop an addiction to either alcohol or drugs. Treatment is a process that takes place over time. It takes time to heal from an addiction.

Most people do not recognize the exact date or time they became addicted to a substance; however, many people do recall the first time they experienced negative consequences while using an addictive substance. Once a person begins experiencing negative consequences either by physical, psychological, or social disruptions the problem of addiction is in full motion and treatment will be necessary to stop the progression of the addiction.

Addiction Consequences can be Stopped by Addiction Treatment

No matter if you choose a 30-day treatment program or a 90-day treatment program both types of treatments will help a person eliminate addiction consequences. People who develop substance use disorders experience a certain amount of consequences related to their usage of substances. These individuals experience substance-related problems in the area of cognitive, behavioral, and physiological symptoms during their addictions. Individuals who become impaired as a result of their addictions often continue to use addictive substances despite significant substance-related consequences.

The defense mechanisms that people experience during an addiction are very powerful. They keep a person locked into their addictions. However, those that enter addiction treatment programs, can easily identify which defense mechanisms are keeping them from seeing the truth about their substance use disorders. Entering a 30-day treatment program or 90-day treatment program will immediately put a stop to their addiction-related problems. Addiction treatment rehabs are essential to helping people who are suffering from an addiction to become abstinent and free from substances.

Addiction Rehabs Stop the Cycle of Addiction

Addiction disorders are life-threatening disorders that if left untreated create addiction-related consequences. One of the best ways to stop the cycle of addiction is to enter an addiction rehab program for treatment services. Addiction rehabs promote health through detox & stabilization and then help individuals to make the needed behavior changes to prevent a return to alcohol or drugs during the rehab experience.

Addiction rehabs help to change behaviors associated with addiction while supporting an individual during the process of learning new ways to live a drug-free lifestyle. Addiction rehabs help an individual examine the unhealthy and unproductive ways that addiction has disrupted their personal lives while introducing solutions that are healthy and productive that will stop their addiction and encourage a productive lifestyle.

30-Day Addiction Rehabs

30-Day Addiction Rehabs are short-term treatment programs designed to interrupt the addiction cycle and address the acute symptoms of addiction. 30-day addiction rehabs intervene upon the medical, psychological, and behavioral disruptions that are caused by alcohol and drug usage. 30-Day treatment centers are staffed by trained addiction professionals who provide medical detoxification along with FDA-approved medications to help a person through the withdrawal process.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® includes medical detoxification in its 30-Day Addiction Rehabs. While attending our medical detox program individuals will eliminate addictive substances safely from their bodies. We have found that once the body and mind are cleared from addictive substances then psychological treatment is more effective. Treatment is a process that takes place over time, and safety and stabilization are important first steps to treating someone who is suffering from a substance use disorder.

Once an individual is medically stabilized through our medical detox program then participation in inpatient treatment or residential treatment is more likely to occur as the body and mind are clear. It must be noted that detoxification, by itself, is not a complete substance use treatment, however, it is a necessary component of substance use treatment services. Detox prepares an individual to become ready for entry into an inpatient or residential 30-day addiction rehab. During treatment, an individual will examine their biological, psychological, and social health by participating in numerous therapeutic techniques while in treatment.

Healing the brain of someone who has become addicted to substances is just as important as healing the mind during treatment. Treatment is more effective when a holistic approach encompasses an individual’s alcohol or drug treatment experience. Since 30-day addiction rehabs are great for addressing the acute aspects of a substance use disorder, individuals are able to easily recognize the exact nature of their addiction-related problems and then begin to work toward solutions to solve these problems in a 30-day addiction treatment program.

Summer Sky Provides Quick Access to Medical Detoxification Services (Same Day Placement)

Pros of 30-Day Addiction Rehabs

  • Medical Detoxification & Stabilization
  • Examining Addiction-Related Problems
  • Solutions are Discovered to Address Substance Use Disorders
  • Begin the Process of Healing the Brain
  • Provide Nutritional Support to Speed up the Healing Process
  • Provide Professional Addiction Counseling
  • Addiction Educational Groups
  • Life Skills Groups and Training
  • Individualized Counseling & Group Counseling
  • Relapse Prevention Therapy
  • Introduction to support groups
  • Physical Exercise Program & Access to Professional Gym (Personal Trainer)
  • Numerous Other Therapeutic Tools to Enhance Recovery

30-Day addiction rehabs are primarily focused on providing acute-care treatment services. 30-Day Addiction Rehabs are the most popular type of treatment program in the United States. More people enter 30-day addiction rehabs than any other type of drug rehab program. Often people with “no prior treatment episodes with high motivation for sobriety and recovery” are the best candidates for 30-day rehabs.

People that are required to return to work after treatment are the largest population served at 30-day addiction rehabs. 30-Day Addiction Rehabs are short-term treatment programs that help people to identify addiction-related problems and offer practical solutions to those who attend these types of rehabs.

90-Day Addiction Rehabs

Recovery is the process in which a person achieves a physical and mental state of rehabilitation as a result of lifestyle changes without the use of mood or mind-altering substances. 90-Day addiction rehabs allow for enough time to heal the body, mind, emotions, and social disruptions during the treatment process. It takes about 90-days to achieve ideal healing of the brain for those with substance use disorders.

Addiction is a lifelong disorder, that is a chronic illness like diabetes, cancer, and other cardiovascular diseases. The chronic illness of addiction must be treated and brought into remission with the process of recovery. 90-Day Addiction Rehabs provide hope for those who have previously returned to their addiction especially after attempting to recover from a 30-day treatment program.

The reality is that people who have substance use disorders do experience relapses. Substance use disorders are lifelong disorders and sometimes people stop participating in the recovery process for hundreds of different reasons. 90-Day addiction rehabs are best for those who suffer from severe substance use disorders. 90-Day addiction rehabs were created to offer a more comprehensive approach to treating a substance use disorder.

90-Day addiction rehabs are utilizing the “Healing Time Principle” which allows an individual time to dive deeper into the causes and conditions of their substance use disorders and address deeper issues that are disrupting a person’s ability to remain alcohol or drug-free. 90-Day Treatment Programs are solution-based treatment programs that prepare an individual to face life on life’s terms in recovery.

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that it takes 90-days to properly heal from a severe substance use disorder. So, it makes sense that a 90-day treatment program is effective at treating someone with a substance use disorder. 90-Day Treatment Programs focus on relapse prevention, relapse warning sign identification, designing a relapse prevention plan, and learning how to interrupt post-acute withdrawal symptoms in addition to more comprehensive therapy. It is recommended that if a person has had previous relapses and had two or more prior 30-day treatment episodes in the past five years that they consider utilizing the services of 90-day addiction rehab.

The Courage to Change

It takes a lot for a person to admit defeat to an addiction. It is not easy to give up the attempted control of an addiction. The human condition operates contrary to “Giving Up” and our society teaches that if we make up our minds, we can do anything we set out to achieve. While it is true that we can make up our minds and seek treatment and get help for an addiction to substances, attempting to beat addiction alone and without help normally results in failed attempts to stop using substances.

The courage to change begins with trying something different and admitting that you need help to overcome an addiction. When you or a loved one requests help it’s time to move quickly to embrace their courageous decision to seek help. They can quickly join the 23 million other people who have successfully completed treatment and are now in personal long-term recovery from addiction.

“Letting go or releasing the familiar addiction and securing your place in personal recovery, means embracing treatment and recovery. Requesting help or reaching out for help is one of the most courageous decisions a person can make to heal from an addiction. The reality is that we have built up false security over-reliance upon addictive substances that no longer work in our lives. The moment I developed the courage and reached out for help I discovered an exciting life of adventure and meaning through treatment and recovery.”Scott Kelley, President of Summer Sky Treatment Center

90-Day Addiction Rehab Considerations

Below is a quick overview of 90-Day & 30-Day differences to help you in determining which type of treatment is best for you. It is always best to call and discuss your personal situation with the admissions department to consider your individual needs before deciding on what treatment program is best for your situation.

Individuals with more severe addictions tend to end up choosing 90-Day Treatment Programs over 30-Day Treatment Programs and people that have pending legal issues related to alcohol or drugs are sometimes required to choose a 90-day treatment program over 30-day treatment programs.

There is no doubt that 90-day treatment programs are more effective than 30-day treatment programs, however, circumstances and the ability to pay for 90-day treatment programs are factors to consider when choosing a treatment program. 30-Day treatment programs are more affordable.


90-Day Treatment Programs Versus 30-Day Treatment Program Overview

90-Day Treatment Program Considerations 30-Day Treatment Programs Considerations
·         Two or more prior 30-day treatment episodes in the preceding 5-year period ·         First time in treatment
·         Less than 6 months of sobriety following prior treatment episodes ·         High motivation for Sobriety
·         Health factors impeding immediate full engagement in treatment ·         Established a positive support system following treatment
·         Treatment resistance or low motivation level for sobriety ·         Minimal environmental factors for relapse risk following treatment
·         Low maturity level or difficulty grasping new information. ·         Minimal negative influences following treatment
·         Dual diagnosed and not medication compliant at the time of admission ·         Does not live with someone who drinks or uses addictive substances
·         Starting new psych meds in the past 15 days or soon after admission (initial side effects, level build-up) ·         Does not have an unsupportive spouse or support system
·         Detox from a very high dose of heroin, methadone, or other opiates (strong cravings in early sobriety) ·         Ability to pay for intensive outpatient treatment after treatment
·         Detox from high doses of benzodiazepines/barbiturates (half-life causes ongoing withdrawal for the first 2-3 weeks) ·         Need for rapid return to work after alcohol or drug treatment
·         Amphetamine/Cocaine-induced depression in early recovery (3 months or more) ·         Covered by Health Insurance or the ability to Private Pay for Treatment


Do you need help now?

Summer Sky offers many comprehensive substance use disorder treatment programs to help people recover from various addictions. If you need immediate assistance or would like to discuss treatment options, you can contact our admissions department 24 hours a day 7-days a week for help. Summer Sky can be reached by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.

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