90-Day Treatment Centers

90-Day Treatment Centers:

Welcome to one of the best 90-day treatment centers in the State of Texas. Summer Sky Treatment Center®️ has been helping men & women recover from their substance use disorders for over 37 years. We provide many different Texas Drug Rehabs to help people recover from alcohol or drugs.

The 90-day addiction treatment program offered by Summer Sky is an evidence-based treatment center that utilizes the best in addiction medicine, addiction therapy, and recovery science. The 90-day treatment program is the “Gold Standard of Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs”.

We begin treatment by helping the individual with their substance use disorder to detox & stabilize from the acute physical effects of their addiction to substances. Once the individual is cleared of their withdrawal symptoms then the individual transitions into inpatient or residential treatment services.

What Makes 90-Day Treatment Centers Effective?

It’s important to understand that addiction is a chronic brain disorder that when treated an individual can recover from their addiction. We have solutions to help each individual to deal with their addiction and then learn effective ways to manage the condition with recovery-based solutions. The individual during treatment will need to deal with physical, psychological, and behaviors during treatment.

The solutions to solving this problem involve utilizing many phases of treatment & recovery to achieve successful management of the chronic brain disorder. There are no quick fixes that render someone completely healed in the short duration of treatment. This is why people are attracted to 90-day rehabs.

Once you accept that you didn’t become addicted to alcohol or drugs overnight and that the treatment requires a phased approach to healing from the damage created by your substance use disorder then you are ready to make the necessary changes to deal with your addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Types of Addiction Drugs & Treatment Protocols:

People begin treatment with an assessment to help the individual figure out the level of disruptions that are present so that a diagnosis and treatment plan can be designed to holistically treat the entire substance use disorder and help the individual discover the right solutions to solve their addiction-related problems. Addictions are more progressive for certain drugs versus other addictive substances.

All drugs are not created equal and the solution to solve addiction-related problems can be different solutions since the chronic brain disorder of addiction progresses differently for each individual that needs treatment for their substance use disorder.

Think of addiction protocols as a set of rules or procedures to help an individual best achieve their ideal goals to treat their addictions. The severity levels of most addictions are mild, moderate, or severe and people progress through the levels of addiction at different rates. 90-day Treatment Centers are primarily designed for people with severe substance use disorders.

How do I get help for a substance use disorder?

The first task is to call a substance use disorder treatment program to discuss the various type of treatments available. For simplicity reasons we have listed the most common type of substance use disorder treatment programs below:

You can begin the process of getting help by calling the substance use disorder treatment facility and talking with the admissions department, they will be very knowledgeable of the types of treatment programs and match an individual to the correct level of treatment and care based on the conversation you have with them.

The admissions department will not judge you and will keep all you share in strict confidence. Their main objective is to get you the help you need and to make sure it’s the most appropriate type of treatment for your situation. They only want to help you solve your addiction-related problems.

If you need immediate assistance, you can call our 24-hour 7 days week admissions department to discuss treatment or arrange an admission into one of our Texas Drug Rehabs by calling our 24-hour confidential treatment line at 1-888-857-8857.

 Alcohol Detox or Drug Detoxification:

It’s a good idea to know if you might require detoxification from the substance you are dealing with as the treatment center will need to arrange for medical detoxification if you believe that you may experience withdrawal symptoms, cravings, or obsession thoughts to return to using an addictive substance when you stop ingesting addictive substances into your body.

If you believe this may be the case Summer Sky Treatment Center® does provide onsite medical detoxification services as we provide 24-hour medical detoxification services at our main addiction treatment campus. So even if you are not sure you will have access to the services if needed.

What Happens After Detox is Completed?       

Once the addictive substances are cleared then the individual can participate in others forms of physical and psychological treatments and therapies that are all designed to help the individual heal from the impact of their addiction on the body and mind. Healing the physical brain is a big factor in treatment.

The brain does require a rebalance & rehydration since it is the largest water-carrying organism in an individual’s body. Most addictive drugs do dehydrate the individual’s water balance. When someone chooses to enter a 90-day treatment center the facility will focus a lot of effort on helping with this re-balance of the entire body system. People choosing 90-day of treatment programs have a direct advantage over other people with shorter duration of treatment programs because they have time to heal their bodies.

90-Day Treatment Center Effective Rationale:

  • Heal the Brain through proper nutrition, and physical exercise.
  • Learn how to properly rest and relax without alcohol or drugs.
  • Time to heal the brain properly and reconnect neurological functioning.
  • Learn proper stress reduction techniques to prevent future relapses.
  • Increase your chances of remaining clean & sober after discharge.
  • 90-Day Treatment recognizes that treatment is a long-term solution.
  • Addiction is similar to diabetes, asthma, and other chronic diseases, addiction can be controlled but never eliminated.
  • Help the brain to regain health since there was shrinkage of the brain when addictive use was occurring. This will improve memory, judgment, impulse control, and problem-solving.      

Healing The Brain from Addiction:

The reality is the body needs the 90-days away from addictive substances to properly heal from the brain-related damage that people experienced in their active addiction. The 90-day treatment center effectively helps people to heal from their addiction by helping the brain begin to work properly. We can’t make this happen in a shorter duration of treatment programs.

This is one reason that people who complete shorter-duration of treatment programs are at a higher risk of relapse and why many struggles with cognitive thoughts and problems related to a desire to drink or use drugs after completing a shorter duration of treatment. If you can choose 90 days of treatment and you can commit to entering this type of treatment it will dramatically increase your chances of remaining addiction-free after discharge.

Maintenance of the Addiction Chronic Brain Condition:

You just don’t get clean and sober or abstinent from alcohol or drugs and everything clears up and you are now healed from your addiction. The treatment and recovery maintenance is more involved than just being physically free from the addictive substance.

The reality is no one gets away from addiction without experiencing consequences. While you will be taught effective ways to clean up the past during treatment, you will have to learn more effective ways to remain positive and involved in a manner of living we call recovery.

The 90-day treatment center is a great training ground to help you begin to put in place psychological techniques to heal your physical body & mind. However, the process to achieve this does take time and effort for the individual engaged in the treatment process.

This is where 90-day treatment programs do have another advantage over shorter duration of treatment services. An individual can learn skills and solutions and then practice these new tools while in treatment, before getting out of treatment. We don’t just talk about how to use the tools we encourage you to try the tools out while in treatment.

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