90-Day Treatment Centers in Texas

90-Day Treatment Centers in Texas

In the great state of Texas, there are all kinds of alcohol & drug rehab programs to choose from for substance use disorder treatment. The most common are medical detoxification programs, 30-day rehabs, 60-day rehabs, intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization treatment & 90-day treatment centers. These types of treatment programs are designed to help people who are dealing with a substance use disorder.

Choosing to enter a 90-Day Treatment Center in Texas is often the best idea if you can commit to staying in treatment for the duration of 90 days. Research obtained from the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA)¹ indicates that most people will need 3 months of treatment to reduce or stop their alcohol or drug use and the best outcomes occur with a longer duration of treatment. So, it makes sense to follow the science when you can to achieve the best chances possible to recover from a substance use disorder.

Summer Sky Treatment Center is a Texas provider that does offer people a 90-day treatment center to help treat their addictions to alcohol or drugs. You can contact the Summer Sky Admissions Department direct at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss 90-day treatment programs and treatment options. Try to keep in mind that even if you can’t find a 90-day treatment center in Texas there are other treatment options and Summer Sky can discuss with you other types of treatment programs to help you with your addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, or other addictive substances.

Addiction Consequences

The reality is that addiction is disruptive to an individual and in some cases, the people around them are impacted by the addiction. The addiction itself does disturb an individual’s cognitive thinking and judgments. There is a tendency to make decisions that they would not normally make if they were not intoxicated by the addictive substance. This is frustrating for the individual once they realize that even their behaviors are being impacted by alcohol or drugs.

The intense physical symptoms experienced by not wanting to go into the withdrawal process can be baffling to the individual with the addiction. The physical and psychological cravings or intense desire to continue using the substance despite significant substance-related problems or consequences make it even more challenging to deal with an addiction.

To avoid continued addiction consequences it is best to reach out and ask for help before additional problems, difficulties, or disruptions are experienced. When a person is dealing with an addiction to substances it will only get worse with time if the addiction is not treated as soon as possible.

It is a good idea to go ahead and follow through with getting help as soon as you recognize that you are experiencing problems with alcohol or drugs. If an individual is addicted to a substance and the individual is left untreated, they are sure to continue to spiral further out of control. However, if they are to enter treatment, they can stop the progressive out-of-control addiction consequences.

Inpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers

When you choose to attend a 90-day treatment center you will often enter treatment in the medical detoxification phase of treatment. This is the phase of treatment that will bring immediate relief to the suffering of someone who is experiencing a substance use disorder.

Once detox is completed then it will be time to enter the inpatient alcohol or drug rehabilitation phase of treatment. Numerous people that enter a 90-day treatment center will require medication to rebalance the damage created by addiction. Since addiction is considered a brain disorder condition it makes sense that certain medications will be required to re-balance the normal functioning of the body. This is all done during the detox & stabilization phase of treatment and inpatient treatment & drug rehab phase of treatment.

Substance use disorders in general can change the underlying actions of brain circuits and the removal of the addictive substance from the body does not always return a person to normal immediately. It may take some time for this to take place, especially with severe disorders. The inpatient alcohol & drug rehab centers will monitor for behavioral effects of all brain changes including relapse potential, intense drug craving, and post-acute withdrawal symptoms. This extra monitoring is an extra benefit of a 90-day rehab experience.

The Advantages of 90-Day Treatment Centers

  • Living at the facility helps an individual stay focused on treatment & goals
  • Interaction with recovery advocates, peers, therapists, and medical professionals daily
  • Time for homeostasis of the body system and a return to optimal functioning
  • Medical Detoxification included inpatient and residential treatment phases treatment
  • Post-acute withdrawal management skills learned & practiced while in treatment
  • Access to more types of therapy and time to use the therapy techniques in the treatment program
  • Development and implementation of a recovery program during drug treatment
  • More time to allow the healing process to be initiated
  • Relapse Warning Sign Identification
  • Developing healthy eating and nutrition habits
  • Enhancing the physical body through exercise with a personal trainer
  • More time to learn stress reduction skills in treatment for recovery
  • The Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment
  • Research has indicated that long-term treatment has a lower rate of relapse
  • Time to focus on learning and developing recovery skills
  • Helps to remove distractions and more attention to learning life skills
  • The Immersion and practicing of recovery-related skills to heal from addictions
  • Increase your ability to manage interpersonal relationships
  • Helps to engage in conflict resolution
  • Developing daily disciplines and healthy habits in recovery

Is there a 90-Day Treatment Center near me?

Summer Sky Treatment Center is a comprehensive alcohol and drug rehabilitation program that offers multiple types of treatment programs to help people with their substance use disorders. People that are living in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico often utilize our 90-day treatment programs. Sometimes there may not be a 90-day treatment center near your area and if this is your situation then we can still help you with treatment

Many people in Texas travel to our rehab programs by land, however, many people fly in from other states to access our substance use disorder treatment programs. We can help with arranging a pickup from a major metropolitan airport if you would like to fly in to attend one of our treatment programs. The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport or Dallas Love Field Airport are within a reasonable distance for us to arrange transportation to the treatment facility. So, no matter where you are located in the United State or across Texas we can help you if you’re looking for a 90-day treatment program.

90-Day Alcohol Treatment Centers

For years people have elected to enter 90-day alcohol treatment centers to deal with their alcohol use disorders. The research has always favored longer lengths of treatment as being more effective at treating a substance use disorder. However, in more recent times the understanding of the current neurobiology of the brain has helped scientists learn more about how alcohol impacts the brain. It has been discovered that chronic use of alcohol creates changes in brain function by altering the chemistry of the brain.

This new science has helped in developing new medications to help deal with cravings and post-acute withdrawal symptoms that emerge once a person is abstaining from alcohol while in treatment and then also helps after 90 days of treatment is completed. In addition to pharmacological advancements in medications, nutrition and physical exercise can also be used in the physical rehabilitation of people with alcohol use disorders.

Healing the Addicted Brain

It becomes paramount that an individual with an alcohol use disorder or alcoholism receive enough physical abstinence away from alcohol or drugs to allow the brain to return to normal functioning. The brain needs to heal from the associated damage experienced by chronic alcohol consumption. The 90-day alcohol treatment program is uniquely designed to foster this type of healing along with evidence-based treatment practices.

What are the Basic Features of a 90-Day Treatment Center in Texas?

  • Evidence-Based Treatment Therapy
  • Focus on the Brain Disorder Condition or Addiction and healing
  • Provide Addiction Education Classes
  • Offer recovery-based solutions that can be put into practice in the treatment
  • Access to Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Help an Individual identify triggers (Internal & External)
  • Stress Reduction Techniques to help rebalance hormones
  • Post-Acute Withdrawal identification and management
  • Craving control medications when appropriate
  • Comprehensive Recovery Based Skills taught and practiced
  • Facilitated 12-Step Therapy
  • Learn to identify triggers to use substances and practical solutions to deal with those triggers
  • Identify coexisting problems, mood disorders, and “Dual Diagnosis” solutions
  • Relapse Prevention Therapy
  • Goal setting in recovery


Summer Sky Treatment Programs Overview of Addiction Treatment Options™

Medical Detoxification (Detox Now Program™)

Inpatient Treatment Programs

Residential Treatment Programs

30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs

60-Day Drug Rehabs

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs

Sedative Use Disorder Treatment

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs (Day Treatment)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs (IOP)

Short-Term Stabilization Program (10-Day Detox and Stabilization)

Summer Sky Relapse Track™ (For People with a History of Relapse)

Pet Therapy

Music Therapy

Family Drug Rehab Program

R.O.P.E.S. Challenge Course

Equine Assisted Therapy

GOGA Yoga (Baby Goat Yoga) As Seen on Shark Tank™ TV Show

Access to Professional Gym & Personal Trainer

Therapeutic Activities

Summer Sky Annual Alumni Celebration & Recovery Meetings


Summer Sky Accepts Most Major Private Health Insurance Plans

Aetna Anthem Beacon Health Options
Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS HMO   BCBS of Texas PPO
Cigna  ComPsych Federal BCBS
First Health Galaxy Health Network Health Smart
Humana Life Synch Humana Magellan
Optum PHCS/Multiplan MHNet
United Healthcare United Behavioral Health Scott and White Health Plan
United Healthcare PP0 & HMO Blue Cross PP0 & HMO Plans Cigna PP0 & HMO


Best 90-Day Treatment Centers in Texas

The Best 90-Day Treatment Centers in Texas are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and accredited by the Joint Commission. When searching for 90-day treatment centers in Texas make sure to call the admission department and discuss the medical detox programs to make sure the detox is included within the 90-day rehab program.

Our Texas drug rehabs and addiction treatment centers do offer medical detox services that are included with the 90-day program. Detox helps to ensure that an individual is properly detoxified so that the individual has the best chance of experiencing treatment and recovery.

Relapse prevention therapy is critical to substance use disorder treatment; it is also a good idea when choosing a 90-day treatment program that you inquire with the admissions department to see if they provide relapse prevention techniques along with the 90-day treatment center.

Substance use disorder treatment programs do need to offer relapse prevention therapy or the treatment will be considered ineffective as people dealing with complex addiction treatment programs will need to be offered relapse prevention therapy along with addiction treatment.

If you do not see your health plan listed above? Call us at 1-888-857-8857 to see if we accept your plan! There are so many health plans across Texas that we accept.

Addiction Treatment & Recovery Texas Drug Rehabs Special Rates

Helping Residents of Texas for Over 37 years

Texas Drug Rehabs Gratitude Addiction Treatment Specials

30-Day Addiction Treatment $ 8,000.00*

60-Day Addiction Treatment $16,000.00*

90-Day Addiction Treatment $24,000.00*

Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Track™ $8,000.00*

Medical Detox & Stabilization Program $4,500.00

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program $4,200.00

*Medical Detoxification (Detox Included)


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