90-Day Premier Texas Addiction Treatment Program

90-Day Premier Texas Addiction Treatment Program

Summer Sky is one of the leading Texas addiction treatment programs in the State of Texas that provides a 90-Day Treatment option for those needing more than a traditional 30-day treatment program. Many people need more time to heal from the physiological and psychological damage caused by addiction. Substance Use Disorders disrupt an individual’s ability to function normally. There is often significant impairment caused by substance use, including health problems. Substance use disorders make it difficult for a person to engage in certain activities that are important to their lives. This creates problems and failures with meeting major responsibilities at work, school, or home; substance use disorders are measured on a continuum from mild, moderate, to severe based on an individual’s number of symptoms. Most people who utilize a 90-Day Addiction Treatment Program meet the criteria for a severe substance use disorder.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Substance use Disorder Treatment is a service that provides a set of techniques or actions that are typical to treat a person with an addiction-related disorder. It often includes medical detoxification, physical & psychological stabilization, substance use disorder counseling, and other supportive services. The 90-day addiction treatment process involves medical, psychological, behavioral, and social healing that will need to take place before discharge from a treatment program. For many people with severe addictions, the 90-day treatment model is the best option for treatment. Today advanced medical treatment protocols and psychological counseling therapies combined with enhanced relapse prevention skills are needed to help a person overcome their addictions.

Why are 90-Day Addiction Treatment Centers beneficial for people with a substance use disorder?

The benefits of utilizing 90-day addiction treatment centers are the overall comprehensive treatment services that are offered during the 90-day treatment stay. The reality is you can deal with more addiction-related problems and begin to discover the causes and conditions that have contributed to your need for alcohol & drugs while participating in a 90-day rehab program.

When a person enters 90-day addiction treatment, the individual is guided toward recovery-based solutions that are designed to help a person begin to examine the causes and conditions of how their addictions have played an impact on their health. Once addiction-related problems are identified, then a personal treatment plan is designed to help a person navigate through their problems with a focus on healing each problem identified during the treatment planning phase of the treatment program.

Careful attention will be focused on the development of solution-based objectives that will help the individual heal from any physical and psychological symptoms that the individual is experiencing. The extra benefit of having the proper time to practice these solutions along with healing the brain and improving the overall physical health of the individual is extremely beneficial to people with substance use disorders.

When a person is in a 90-Day Treatment Program, there is an extra focus that is combined with enhanced relapse prevention education, relapse warning sign identification, relapse prevention planning, and counseling to help an individual become prepared for the journey of recovery. This specialized relapse prevention training gives a person an opportunity to practice recovery-based skills before being released from the treatment program, which is critical to reducing the likelihood of a future relapse.

Scientific Research of 90-Day Treatment Programs

Over the last 20-years research has indicated that people who have a severe substance use disorder are more likely to remain sober after completing a 90-day addiction treatment program. When a person dedicates more time to working through addiction-related problems, they become more prepared to deal with life without alcohol or drugs.

The 90-day addiction treatment program gives a person the time to examine and begin working through addiction-related problems. If a person desires to lower their risk of experiencing a relapse, then choosing to attend a ninety-day treatment program is often the best option to increase their chances of remaining sober. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recommends that people remain in the treatment process for a minimum of 90-days to benefit from treatment from substance use disorder treatment services.

It has been demonstrated that Long-Term Residential Treatment Programs that offer 90-days or more of substance use disorder are more effective than short-term residential treatment programs. 90-day programs foster personal accountability. Encouraging people to become socially productive after treatment is completed is important, but what is more important is showing people how to examine their damaging beliefs, self-concepts, and destructive patterns of behaviors so that they can adopt new ways of living free from alcohol and drugs. Learning to apply this skill is often a difference-maker for people who have a substance use disorder.

Summer Sky 90-Day Treatment Programs

One of the main features of Summer Sky is the reliance on utilizing scientific evidence, clinical expertise, identifying needs, and offering choices to solve these needs during the treatment process. Many of the people utilizing our 90-day treatment program will require medical detoxification in our detox program to eliminate the toxic chemicals that have been disrupting their lives. Once medical detox is completed, then the focus is on helping an individual heal from their problems. We encourage individuals through motivation and participation in education, groups, counseling, and other clinical therapies. In some cases, medication management for those with co-existing disorders is needed or required. If a person does have a dual diagnosis, then teaching and helping a person learn how to properly manage their medications is equally as important as other recovery-based skills learned during treatment.

From the time a person enters treatment, they will begin to work on their problems and begin to work toward realistic solutions that will help them solve their addiction-related problems. The medical detox and medical oversight, primary psychological counseling, and behavioral therapy along with traditional and alternative therapies combined help individuals in treatment stay motivated to keep moving forward and solving their problems one at a time.


Some people need more advanced treatment than other people because of complicated addiction-related issues that make it difficult for them to recover. Ninety-day rehab programs, along with evidence-based practices utilized during the 90-day treatment program, can help those with severe addiction problems experience hope and faith that they can become successful in recovery.


90-Day Rehab Recommendations

Below is a list of individuals who may be suited for a 90-day rehab experience.

  • People that are intravenous drug users
  • Severe Alcohol Use Disorders or substance use disorders
  • Opioid Use Disorders
  • Dual Diagnosis Individuals or people with co-existing disorders
  • Men or Women with a history of relapse
  • Individuals that have failed after a 30-Day Treatment Program

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Recommends that individuals participate in 90-days or longer of treatment services to increase the likelihood of someone being successful in recovery.

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs are considered Long-Term Treatment Programs

People with severe substance use disorders should consider attending a 90-day treatment program for its advantage over short-term treatment options like the 30-day treatment program. While 30-Day Treatment programs are effective if continuing care plans involve discharge to intensive outpatient treatment programs for further treatment, it is recommended that if you can participate in a 90-day treatment program, you should seek this type of treatment modality. This will greatly improve your chances of avoiding relapse by participating in a 90-day treatment program. The longer the treatment, the better chance of remaining in recovery.

Do you need treatment now?

If you need treatment now, then contact the Summer Sky Admissions Department, and we will discuss the available treatment options that can help you become alcohol or drug-free. Summer Sky can be reached at 1-888-857-857.

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