90-Day Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

90-Day Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers:

Understanding alcohol or drug problems can be frustrating. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, then attending a 90-day rehab can be effective at treating your addiction to alcohol or drugs. Here are some things to know about rehab programs. There are short-term rehab programs and long-term rehab programs. A short-term rehab program is designed to help a person deal with the immediate acute effects of an alcohol or drug problem.

Short-Term Treatment Programs (30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs):  

Many people develop physical and psychological disruptions behind repeated and chronic usage of an addictive substance. Some people become addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs, or other illegal addictive substances. A short-term treatment program will focus efforts on the stabilization of all acute problems associated with addiction. A typical short-term program would be a medical detoxification program along with a 30-day addiction treatment program.

Long-Term Treatment Programs (90-Day Rehab Programs):

A 90-Day alcohol and drug rehab center on the other hand is a long-term treatment program that is designed to help a person deal with more complex addiction-related problems. Normally, repeated alcohol and drug use will contribute to a loss of control followed by major life area disruptions. People often become so impaired by alcohol or drugs as their bodies and mind begin to suffer after months or years of chronic alcohol or drug use.

Severe Substance Use Disorders:

Some people with a substance use disorder develop severe health-related problems, relationship problems, and work-related disruptions, and develop intense desires or cravings to seek out addictive substances. The 90-day alcohol and drug rehab centers will provide more treatment services along with more time to help a person deal with the physical, psychological, behavioral, and social problems that are contributing to a person’s need to continue to use an addictive substance.

90-Day Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers & Substance Use Disorders

There is no magic pill or hidden secret to solving a substance use disorder and with all the different types of addictive substances that exist an individual will often need to be matched to the correct type of treatment interventions once the individual is admitted into the 90-day alcohol and drug rehab center. The assessment process will utilize diagnostic instruments and processes to help an individual and the treatment provider to determine an individual’s needs and problems.

Screening & Assessment Process for 90-Day Alcohol or Drug Rehabs:

The screening and assessment process along with a diagnosis provided during the initial phase of treatment will help set the course of treatment. The physical and psychological healing can begin once you or your loved one enter the treatment center for services.

A 90-day alcohol and drug rehab are effective at treating a substance use disorder that is considered severe. While it is true that addiction is complex and often involves stabilizing health problems, psychological problems and helping a person to heal their relationships are just as important as all other areas of healing.

Medical Detoxification “The Prerequisite to Becoming Alcohol & Drug-Free”

Most 90-day alcohol and drug rehab centers will offer access to medical detoxification services. This is important because clearing the body from an addictive substance along with stabilizing an individual is critical to helping a person to participate in the treatment process. Medical Detox is a necessary and important component of the treatment process, especially for people experiencing physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Medical Detox:

Detox will include the clearing of the toxic addictive substance along with medical supervision to help a person with the physical & psychological symptoms of the withdrawal process. This process should always be done under the care of trained medical professionals in a detox center.

After medical detox is completed and all withdrawal symptoms are managed then the focus of the treatment will turn toward helping someone to work on more effective solutions to help with psychological problems. This could involve multiple treatment interventions and techniques that will encourage the healing process.

Medical Detox & Stabilization:

Detox & Stabilization should prepare an individual for the treatment process and if you have elected to utilize the 90-day alcohol & drug rehab center for treatment services then you can quickly transition into a residential treatment program after detox is completed. 90-day alcohol & drug rehabs will help you focus on healing the body by utilizing advanced addiction medications if needed as well as physical fitness and nutritional support.

Immediate Admission into 90-Day Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers

If you or a loved one needs immediate help with an addiction to any mood or mind-altering substance you can contact Summer Sky Treatment Center to discuss the various Addiction Treatment Options™ available. Summer Sky operates 30, 60 & 90-day rehab programs for all substance use disorders. Their admissions department is available to answer questions or to schedule an admission into a Texas rehab program. You can call our admissions department direct at 1-888-857-8857.

About Summer Sky Treatment Center

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is a nationally recognized Texas alcohol & drug rehab program that has been helping men and women who are struggling with alcohol and drug problems or dealing with problems related to addictions for over 37 years. Helping people recover from substance use disorders that are mild, moderate, or severe is at the heart of what we do at Summer Sky. Helping people recover from their addictions is something that we are passionate about, and we would love to help you or a loved one experience treatment in one of our rehab programs.

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