90-Day Addiction Rehabs

90-Day Addiction Rehabs

The Summer Sky 90-Day Addiction Rehabs is one of the best 90-day treatment programs in Texas. Our 90-day addiction rehabs are leading the way into the future for people with substance use disorders. If you suffer from a severe addiction to alcohol & drugs, then 90-day alcohol or drug rehab can be just the right treatment to get you headed in the right direction.

Medical Detoxification

People with severe substance use disorders often need help with the physical & psychological signs and symptoms of withdrawal. Today, addiction medicine has brought sophisticated & efficient systems of care that are matching an individual needs to the type of treatment that is more appropriate for people with severe substance use disorders.

Medical detox helps by fostering an individual’s readiness for entry into a 90-day addiction rehab program. While detoxification can take place in a multitude of settings for people with severe substance use disorders it is always best if the individual who entered a 90-day treatment program has access to a medical detoxification facility.

If you have a severe substance use disorder and are completing detoxification services somewhere in Texas, then seriously consider entering a 90-day addiction rehab after detoxification is completed. If you are considering addiction treatment options and already know that you will be dealing with severe withdrawal symptoms, consider utilizing a 90-day addiction rehab program for services.

Cost of 90-Day Addiction Rehabs

There is no doubt that the cost of 90-day addiction rehab is higher than a 30-day treatment program or 60-day rehab program. In addition to a higher cost for rehab services most insurance companies do not pay or only pay for partial portions of a 90-day treatment program. Summer Sky offers 90-day addiction rehabs that are more cost-effective and more affordable than most 90-day addiction rehabs in Texas.

Summer Sky believes that every individual with a severe substance use disorder should get an opportunity to receive 90 days of addiction treatment. We understand that the research continually supports that 90 days or more is the most effective at treating someone with a substance use disorder.

To help with reducing the treatment cost of 90-day addiction rehabs we do offer monthly promotions to help offset the cost of treatment and we will work with your health insurance if they are willing to cover the cost of the treatment services. To speak with our admissions department about the monthly promotions or discuss your health insurance call us at 1-888-857-8857.

Unique Health Needs

When people with severe substance use disorders enter our 90-day addiction rehabs sometimes they arrive with unique health needs or multiple co-occurring health conditions that must be stabilized. The 90-day addiction rehab helps by giving an individual time to heal and deal with multiple conditions simultaneously which will increase the likelihood that the individual will remain alcohol or drug-free along with treating other co-existing conditions.

Sometimes addiction will exacerbate other medical conditions and it becomes important that an individual treat other conditions along with the substance use disorder to be successful in recovery. Some examples of co-existing disorders would be diabetes, liver disease, liver problems, high blood pressure, heart disease, digestive-related problems, bipolar-related disorders, depression, and other psychiatric conditions.

90-Day Addiction Treatment Recommendations

It is important to remember that more treatment is always better when it comes to treating a substance use disorder. The more time an individual can maintain abstinence away from an addictive substance the better chance the brain will have time to properly heal and return to a state of equilibrium. The brain has been shown to function the best after 90 days of abstinence from alcohol or drugs for people with a substance use disorder.

People that are enrolled in the 90-day treatment program will learn to apply principles that are beneficial to their recovery and managing all aspects of their substance use disorder. The 90-day treatment will increase the likelihood that an individual will remain substance-free after completing the addiction rehab program.

90-Day Treatment Recommendations

  • If you have had two or more prior 30-day treatment episodes within the last 5-years, then we recommend you attend 90 days of treatment.
  • If you have recently been discharged from treatment and were not able to stay off alcohol or drugs for 6 months or less.
  • Do you have health factors that make it difficult to engage in treatment and need help dealing with a substance use disorder and other medical or psychiatric conditions?
  • If you are treatment-resistant or experience a low motivation to remain alcohol or drug-free, then 90 days is a better option to help internalize all aspects of a substance use disorder.
  • People that have co-existing disorders or experience dual disorders with multiple addictions or have difficulty with medication compliance with other psychiatric disorders because of addiction.
  • If you have recently started a new psychiatric medication in the past 15 days before admission into treatment and need time to deal with (initial side effects, level build-up).
  • If you require medical detox from a very high dose of heroin, methadone, fentanyl, or other opioid or opiate substances.
  • If you experience strong cravings in early sobriety or prolonged mental obsessions to return to alcohol or drugs from past attempts in recovery, then consider 90 days of treatment services.
  • If you require medical detoxification from high doses of benzazepines, barbiturates or sedative/hypnotic or Anxiolytic Drugs, or any drug with a toxic buildup of a half-life that causes an ongoing withdrawal for the first 2-3-weeks after initial medical detox.
  • If you happen to experience amphetamine, methamphetamine, or cocaine-induced depression in early recovery (3 months or more).
  • People with an inhalant use disorder should seek 90 days of treatment to help stabilize themselves from the damage that inhalant use causes to the brain.
  • People with alcoholism or severe alcohol use disorders or a history of experiencing intense post-acute withdrawal symptoms in early recovery.
  • If you suffer from a history of anxiety, compulsive, obsessive-compulsive disorders, difficulty managing emotions, overreaction to stressful situations, difficulty with abstract thinking (new concepts), etc. then consider a 90-day treatment program.

Summer Sky 90-Day Addiction Rehabs are the Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment!

Our 90-day addiction rehabs are great for people with co-occurring conditions that need treatment along with their substance use disorders. Having access to onsite 24-hour medical care and inpatient treatment only enhances the rehabilitation process.

People with multiple substance use disorders require more time to heal from all aspects of substance use as severe damage is created for people with severe substance-related addictions. Restoring an individual to physical health, and psychological health, and improving relationships is a big focus of the 90-day addiction rehab.

90-Day Addiction Rehab Overview of Phases

Phase One:

This is the detox & stabilization part of the treatment program that involves helping an individual deal with acute abstinence syndrome (AAS) in some cases the withdrawal syndrome may require more intensive management of the withdrawal symptoms. 24-hour medical care and observation are needed during this phase of treatment. Additional time in detox can be extended to 14 days or more depending on the type of addictive substance the individual is treating.

The detox phase of treatment is tailored to the individual’s needs which will help them to become stable from their substance withdrawal symptoms. Once this phase is completed an individual often transitions to residential treatment services.

Phase Two:

Once successful management of the acute withdrawal process is completed then an individual will transition from detoxification to residential addiction treatment services. This is the main treatment phase of treatment which deals with the causes and conditions of the substance use disorder. There is intensive work with the primary substance use disorder counselors, medical doctors, recovery advocates, substance use disorder personal fitness trainers, as well as other substance use and mental health professionals during this phase of treatment.

During this phase of treatment, most people will begin dealing with or addressing psychological issues that have impacted them during their addiction or in some cases before developing an addiction to alcohol or drugs. The substance use disorder counselors will match the individual to the most appropriate level of treatment solution to help them solve their problems.

There are a wide variety of treatment protocols, solutions, or techniques that can be utilized during this phase of treatment as everyone has unique needs that they may need help with during treatment. Comprehensive treatment plans are designed to help the individual stay on task and accomplish treatment goals throughout the treatment process.

Phase Three:

An individual will transition from phase two main treatment to relapse prevention & relapse warning sign analysis of the treatment process. Learning how to apply recovery solutions and identifying relapse warning signs is important in this phase of treatment. Finishing up on core treatment work and practicing recovery skills is critical to successful recovery in the future.

Phase three of treatment takes advantage of the extra time to heal the body and many individuals by this time have developed physical fitness plans with a personal fitness trainer at this point. Many individuals are amazed to learn and experience how exercise and nutrition can play a positive role in helping them to stay physically healthy and can be used as a positive recovery tool.

Learning to practice recovery skills is also important during this phase of the treatment process. Learning how the relapse process works and how to use the recovery skills during treatment makes it more realistic and increases the chances that an individual will follow through with new skills developed especially since you practice while in treatment.

The 90-day addiction rehab helps the individual to identify and cope with triggers for alcohol or drugs and helps with teaching an individual when to ask for help while showing them how to utilize a social support network while in treatment. An individual in treatment can build their confidence and utilize skills to help them remain in recovery during the 90-day treatment program.

90-Day Addiction Rehabs & The Recovery Process:

The 90-Day Addiction Rehabs are some of the most effective types of drug rehabilitation programs in Texas and throughout the United States. Addiction is a chronic and progressive illness that only gets worse without proper substance use disorder treatment.

The 90-day addiction rehab helps to close the gap in the relapse process, by showing people how to stay in the recovery process versus allowing the relapse process to take hold and allow the individual to return to using alcohol or drugs.

Entering the recovery process is something that the 90-day addiction rehab helps to foster because an individual has the time to develop and practice the solutions that are learned during the treatment process. Summer Sky Treatment Center® takes the theory out of recovery by showing people how to use the skills of recovery so that they can experience freedom during treatment, not after discharge.

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