90-Day Addiction Rehabs & The Recovery Process

90-Day Addiction Rehabs & The Recovery Process:

The 90-Day Addiction Rehabs are some of the most effective types of drug rehabilitation programs in Texas and throughout the United States. Addiction is a chronic and progressive illness that only gets worse without proper substance use disorder treatment. There are benefits to choosing a 90-day treatment program over other forms of substance use disorder treatment programs.

Addiction Mistaken Beliefs:

A lot of people don’t understand why or how they develop a problem with alcohol or drugs. The addiction typically develops over an extended period. There are a lot of mistaken beliefs about people with addictions. One is that the individual lacks moral belief or self-control, and if they wanted to stop using addictive substances they could do so at any moment.

Drug Addiction and alcohol addiction are both complex medical conditions. People with an addiction can have all the good intentions or strong will determination, but the resources as marshaled by the will is often insufficient to produce the needed change to stop their use of alcohol or drugs.

Addiction is a progressive and complex medical condition, and the individual will need an addiction treatment program if they are to stop using an addictive substance. Alcohol and drugs will change the brain in many different ways. These altered brain changes are responsible for making it hard to stop using an addictive substance. However, entering an addiction rehab program helps stop addiction and shows an individual how to recover and lead healthy productive lives.

What Is an alcohol or drug addiction?

To begin to understand what an addiction is it may be important that you realize an addiction is a chronic disease. All diseases are progressive, and they only get worse if they are left untreated. One characteristic of alcohol addiction and drug addiction is the preoccupation with compulsively seeking alcohol or drugs. The individual has a difficult time controlling the amount of the substance being consumed or ingested, despite harmful consequences being experienced.

Once an individual has developed an addiction, they will repeat their alcohol or drug use over and over to the point that the brain changes will impair their self-control. The brain changes from repeated drug or alcohol ingestion will interfere with the individual’s ability to resist urges to use the addictive substance. The process of addiction can persist for a long time or until major life consequences are experienced. It is only during these intervals that an individual is more likely to look at treatment.

90-DAY Addiction Rehab Solutions:

One of the most innovative types of substance use disorder treatment programs is the 90-day treatment program. It is considered the gold standard of addiction treatment, as there is more research demonstrating that people with addictions will need around 90 days of abstinence from alcohol or drugs if they are to heal their brains from an addiction to substances.

The 90-day addiction rehab will help an individual to learn how to identify sobriety-based symptoms which emerge after the initial acute medical detox & stabilization is completed during the treatment process. 90-day rehabs help with educating an individual on how to stop a relapse from occurring which is key to remaining in long-term recovery.

Recovery Process:

The recovery process is an active lifestyle change that individuals learn while they are in the treatment process. The recovery process is ongoing and helps an individual to overcome physical and psychological dependence as well as halts the addiction.

All drugs that are addictive are considered mood- or mind-altering substances. Recovery promotes abstinence. In recovery, an individual physical and mental state are enhanced so that addictive substances are no longer needed to experience happiness.

Recovery-Centered Drug Rehab Programs:

The 90-day treatment program is a recovery-centered drug rehab program. People are taught how to use recovery principles to help them heal from the addiction while in the 90-day rehab. This is important as learning to practice recovery principles and values will help an individual transition to new ideas, attitudes, and outlooks on life without the use of addictive substances. The treatment plans and recovery plans utilized in treatment will help an individual to recover from their addiction.

90-Day Addiction Rehabs Are Solution-Driven Drug Rehabs:

While people with addiction do experience a lot of different problems, that need to be examined during the treatment process. The recovery process is primarily focused on offering solutions to your problems. It is an entirely new way of looking at things from a positive perspective.

When you enter a 90-day rehab program individuals are introduced to practical solutions that help the individual heal from their addictions. The focus is on learning new ways of dealing with problems without relying on chemicals. People engage in coping skills and recovery-centered thinking that creates new meaning and purpose for the individual who is in treatment.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® 90-Day Drug Rehabs:

If you or one of your loved ones has been dealing with an addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, or any other addictive substance we can help you break free from your addiction. Our Texas Drug Rehabs and Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs are available to help you navigate through withdrawal symptoms and heal from your addiction to alcohol or drugs.

We can teach you how to reclaim your life from the physical, psychological, and social disturbances created by addiction. The 90-day addiction rehab help to close the gap in the relapse process, by showing people how to stay in the recovery process versus allowing the relapse process to take hold and allow the individual to return to using alcohol or drugs.

Entering the recovery process is something that the 90-day addiction rehab helps to foster because an individual has the time to develop and practice the solutions that are learned during the treatment process. Summer Sky Treatment Center® takes the theory out of recovery by showing people how to use the skills of recovery so that they can experience freedom during treatment, not after discharge.

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