6 Tips for Staying Sober After a Breakup

While breakups can be extremely painful for everyone, it can be exceptionally difficult for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.  Breaking up with a significant other could result in relapse.  Feelings of sadness may lead to depression or trigger the need to turn to alcohol or drugs.  Before you compromise your recovery, try these six tips for staying sober after a breakup. 

Turn to a Support System

Friends and family can be your biggest supporters during a breakup.  You may need emotional support during this difficult time.  Don’t turn inward and isolate yourself because it will lead to a potential relapse.  Lean on and surround yourself with the people who care for you and can give you emotional support.  Get dinner with friends, take in a movie with your family, go for a walk with your sponsor.  Having those you love around you can keep you accountable so that you aren’t tempted to turn to your addictions for comfort. Should you find yourself in need of help, Summer Sky drug rehab center in Texas can help.

Focus on Yourself

A breakup is a good time to reflect on yourself.  Spend some time reflecting on goals you would like to set for yourself.  Focus on self-improvement and keep yourself busy to keep your mind off of your breakup.  Indulge yourself by buying yourself something nice.  A breakup is a great time to splurge a little and enjoy yourself.  Whatever you need to do to keep your mind off of drugs and alcohol will be worth it.  If you need the advice, seek the help of a professional drug rehab counselor.

Share Your Feelings

As someone with an addiction, the worst thing you can do during a breakup is keep your emotions locked up inside of you.  There’s a lot of stress and unhappiness initially associated with the end of a relationship. Emotions such as anger, frustration, and depression are a few of the feelings you may feel.  It is important that you express these feelings no matter how terrible.  Sharing your feelings is the beginning of the healing process.  For those who have been to a Texas drug rehab, you know it is important to share what you are going through when you battle addiction, and the same is true for a breakup.  Acknowledging your emotions is a healthy way to begin to move on.

Find a Hobby

After splitting up from a significant other, find a new hobby to keep you occupied.  With more free time on your hands, you can spend your time focusing on learning something new.  Spending time participating in leisure activities has added benefits for your health such as lowering your blood pressure and improving your mental health.  Any number of new hobbies like exercising, knitting, woodworking, or many other options can keep your mind off the breakup and help you continue to focus on your sobriety. 

Stay Active

Physical exercise is another great way to occupy your time during a breakup.  The endorphins released during a workout improve your mood.  Exercise is great for your body both physically and mentally.  Through exercise, you are able to concentrate on yourself with an added benefit of getting healthy in the process.  Studies show that those who participate in regular fitness activities are less likely to use drugs.  Although exercise is a great way to take your mind off a breakup and your addiction, should you experience a relapse, there are many inpatient rehab facilities in Texas that will help you cope with your drug addiction.  Don’t let a breakup get in the way of your sobriety.

Attend a Meeting

This is perhaps one of the more obvious tips, yet it is a very important tip to consider.  When you feel depressed due to a breakup and want to turn to drugs or alcohol, attend an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meeting so that you can share your experience with others who have been in the same situation.  Someone there may have personal experience and can offer you advice on how to handle the situation while remaining sober.  It is important to hear another perspective and AA or NA meetings can give you that.  A meeting also gives you a chance to review the steps of the program and remember why it is that you started this journey.  The steps can remind you how important it is to work towards your sobriety.  Your mentor and support systems will encourage you to continue in your sobriety, so be sure to make it a point to attend a meeting.

While breakups are a part of life, they don’t have to lead you back to addiction.  Follow these tips when times get hard.  Research drug rehabs if you experience a relapse.  Summer Sky, a drug rehab facility in Texas, has staff standing by to help should you need it.