5 Ways to Tell if Your Loved One is Addicted

If you have a loved one that you think has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, then you’ll want to get them help at an addiction rehab. However, if you aren’t sure if they have an addiction or some of your friends and family members want to learn a little more about the signs that the problem is serious, you should reach out to discuss your concerns with an addiction professional or rehab center for more information. Of course, there are a few signs that can alert you now about how to tell if your loved one is addicted and needs to go to a Texas drug rehab. Here we list just a few areas to pay attention to when looking for the signs of alcohol or drug addiction.

#1: Loss of Friends and Time Spent with Family

If your loved one has lost the friends they’ve had for years or no longer spends time with their family, then they could have an addiction. There are a lot of reasons that people can turn to drugs and alcohol such as stress at work and feelings of depression. If nights at the office get later and later and continual excuses come pouring in about why they can’t make it to dinner at home again, start to consider the reasons and whether addiction could be one of them. One of the signs of addiction to substances involves losing interest in family or family activities and hobbies to use the substance.


#2: Struggling at Work or Lost Job Altogether

If the one you care about has been a loyal employee for years and then starts to struggle at work, it could be a sign that something else is taking up their time and slowing them down such as drugs. If they become less productive and start ducking out of work early and arriving late, it’s a sign they could be doing drugs. If you notice excessive tardiness or calling in sick to work or asking you to call their employer because they are sick repeatedly this could be another warning sign that an alcohol or drug problem is developing into a substance use disorder.

Many addicts that go to Texas rehabs will put work on the backburner to ensure they have time for their addiction. It often comes to the point that they lose their job. If you suspect your loved one is abusing drugs and they have left their place of employment, find out what happened. If they say they quit, it might be worth calling their employer to find out more information if they can disclose it.

#3: Becomes Irritated Easily When Confronted

When a loved one has an addiction, and they need help with an alcohol or drug problem then consider calling a Texas drug rehab as an option. If you decide to confront someone using alcohol and drugs, make sure to contact the rehab ahead of time to discuss treatment options before you confront your loved one about their alcohol or drug use. If you call ahead before you confront your loved one you will be ready to act promptly to get them into treatment. Time is of the essence when a person agrees to treatment. It’s also a good idea to confront a person from a position of love and concern. If they become irritated or angry when you mention the problem, it could be a sign that their addiction is worse than you realized. Pay attention to how they react when confronted and try to be as supportive as possible because they are going to have a hard time admitting it to themselves as well.

The best drug rehab centers have programs for anger management and will help decrease the negative emotions that can occur with drug addiction. In treatment, they will learn how to deal with their emotions and handle their feelings more appropriately. They can learn how to manage their emotions during treatment and utilize those skills as they go through life in sobriety.

#4: Unable to Limit Intake for Obligations or Social Situations

If the first place your loved one goes to a social event is to the bar for a double? Do they get out of control at social events like weddings or other group gatherings? This is a sign that you need to involve the help of professionals working in an addiction rehab in Texas. If you live with the person, you may not notice how serious their addiction is until you see them around others and notice that they can’t limit their intake of alcohol or drugs.


When addicted to other substances, you may notice the person you care about taking frequent trips to the bathroom and acting differently when they come out. They may disappear a lot in social situations and based on the setting, they may not want to stay long because they are too far from their comfort zone where they can abuse drugs and alcohol freely.

#5: Secretive and Changing Behavior

Those that abuse substances and need the help of Texas drug rehabs will have a change in their behavior and be more secretive than they have been before. They may never want to tell you where they are going or when they’ll be home, and they sometimes become accustomed to hiding their alcohol or drug use at times. They may fear you discovering how much they are drinking or using drugs and then isolate away from you out of fear that you will discover alcohol or drug problem or you may notice that they won’t tell you why they have to borrow money all of the time when they have a job and you don’t see what they spend their paycheck on.

A loss of interest in their favorite activities is also a sign that someone you care about has an addiction. Perhaps they’ve always been active on the softball team from work, or they’ve always enjoyed gardening. If you notice that they no longer find joy in these activities or they have given them up altogether, you should begin to learn more about the signs of drug and alcohol addiction.

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