5 Facts About Long-Term Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers

5 Facts About Long-term Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers

There are some interesting facts and research associated with Long-term alcohol & drug treatment centers and people who choose to enter a 90-Day Alcohol or Drug Treatment significantly increase their chances of remaining alcohol & drug-free from addictive substances after completing a 90-day treatment program. Before we dive into the 5-facts about long-term alcohol and drug treatment centers let’s quickly review short-term treatment programs and their value in helping people with a substance use disorder.

Short-Term Treatment Centers

The Short-Term Treatment Center is modeled after the original 28-day treatment center dating back to the 1970s which was developed by the U.S. Air Force. The 30-Day Treatment model today is considered the most popular and most utilized type of residential treatment program in Texas and throughout the United States. Its popularity grew stronger as it was recognized by insurance companies to provide chemical dependency treatment that was effective at treating people with alcoholism and drug addictions.

In the 1980s into the 1990s, it became recognized by health insurance companies as an effective type of treatment program that has continued to adapt and modify into offering more evidence-based practices including the 30-day treatment model that is available today. More people utilize this type of treatment service than any other type of treatment program in existence to date. It’s convenient and easily assessable to most individuals in Texas and across the United States.

Today, the short-term treatment model of treatment has adopted an acute-care approach to the treatment of substance use disorders. The special focus on the medical detoxification and stabilization aspect of the treatment model is based on bringing the physical & psychological withdrawal symptoms into a manageable state of homeostasis. It is important to note that any type of treatment that is shorter than 90 days is considered a short-term treatment program.

5 Facts About Long-term Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers


Fact # 1. The 90-Day Treatment Model Research has shown unequivocally that outcomes are contingent on adequate treatment length.

The longer a person can be involved in the treatment process the better the outcome is for someone who has a substance use disorder. The reason behind this research is that the brain is the central area that substance use impacts the most during a substance use disorder. The time to heal the brain involves the process of healing the brain. Brain scans of individuals with substance use disorders show the most brain activity at 90 days free from alcohol or drugs.

Fact # 2. Motivation and readiness to change do increase the overall chances that a person will remain substance-free after completing a 90-day substance use disorder treatment program.

People that are ready for change and are motivated to learn new ways to live without the use of addictive substances do get more opportunities to practice recovery skills while in a 90-day treatment program. The extra time to allow the body and mind to heal while practicing recovery-based skills during the treatment process is essential to developing long-term recovery.

The more time a person can help the body and mind heal while practicing treatment solutions to their problems the more likely a person will develop recovery-centered living. The longer period of nonuse, the less likely someone will return to using alcohol or drugs.

Fact # 3. 90-Day Treatment along with continued recovery support enhances the treatment experience and recovery of people involved in a 90-day treatment program. More time in treatment fosters more opportunities to focus on healing the physical body, and psychological problems and learning to develop better relationship skills. 

Developing and increasing self-esteem during the treatment process helps to heal psychological problems, and relationship difficulties, and stabilizes emotions during the treatment process. When a person is cleared of mood-or mind-altering substances the desire and motivation to focus on abstinence-based recovery goals is more likely to take place during treatment. The 90-Day Treatment program will place a high priority on employment, education, family reunification, and spirituality.

The physical body along with physical fitness and nutrition is a major focus of long-term treatment which helps a person develop skills to manage stress, and improve overall health functions during the treatment process. Learning and improving in these areas will be more likely to continue after completing the 90-day treatment program as the routine and daily disciplines have been practiced more during the treatment process.

Fact # 4.  90-Day Treatment Programs create positive outcomes for people with substance use disorders.

Alcohol and drug addiction indeed have no predetermined length of time to be effective. However, what we do find is people that who are treated with a comprehensive evidence-based practice during the treatment process demonstrate greater outcomes of success. We know that 90 days of treatment followed up with long-term continued care services enhances an individual’s overall outcomes.

Fact # 5.  90-Day Treatment closes the gaps between people with a history of relapse. People with severe substance use disorders find 90 days or more of treatment more effective.

The research data shows that approximately 2/3 of all returns to use for any addiction occur within the first 90 days. This does not mean you need to have a history of relapse to be recommended for a 90-day treatment program. Even if you are needing treatment for the first time you can benefit from the comprehensive services offered by a 90-day treatment program.

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