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30-Day or 90-Day Programs

90-Day Addiction Treatment Rehab

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Private Pay & In-Network Insurance Accepted

Programs Offered

Medical Detoxification Program
Inpatient Treatment Program
30-Day Residential Programs
90-Day Residential Programs
Intensive Outpatient Programs
Relapse Track

Summer Sky accepts all major insurance carriers and is an In-Network Provider

Summer Sky is all about you getting sober and staying sober. We have gone to great lengths to protect our population from over-bearing price structures, developing a state of the art addiction treatment program, being accredited by The Joint Commission and providing treatment in a manner that each Individual will be able to maximize their time while at Summer Sky.

We understand your time is valuable and what you need is appropriate addiction treatment. We know that it is important to get down to the causes and conditions of why each uses alcohol and drugs and begin to deal with those core issues to stop a relapse from occurring in the future.

We believe in providing you with a design for living free from alcohol or drugs. No two people recover in the same way or speed, so we have taken great measures to provide you with a designed individualized treatment plan that will help you focus on the desired outcome of being clean and sober.

Summer Sky 90-Day Treatment Program Guarantee

 Summer Sky believes in its designed addiction treatment programs. We are so confident in our 90-Day addiction treatment program that we are offering a 100% Guarantee if you actively use alcohol or drugs after leaving our 90-Day addiction treatment program for up to 6-months post treatment.

90-Day Treatment

Studies show that the longer the individual is engaged in treatment the higher the likely hood that they will stay clean and sober.

Why would we offer a Guarantee on substance use disorders? 

It’s very simple we believe in our 90-day program and the commitment and power of the individual that makes a commitment to our staff to participate in the 90-day treatment program. We absolutely agree that we have a solution to Substance Use Disorder and if you follow our recommendations then you will not find yourself using alcohol or drugs. It is real simple, follow the principles and techniques that we will introduce to you and you will be successful.


Summer Sky Warranty Terms:


  • Sign Summer Sky Commitment Agreement upon admission
  • Prepay for all 30-Days of Treatment upon admission
  • Prepay for all 90-Days of Treatment upon admission
  • Follow all rules during the 90-day treatment program
  • Follow the treatment plan designed for you and complete all realistic objectives during treatment
  • Meet weekly with our clinical director to review progress and direction of treatment

What happens if you use alcohol or drugs while following all of your discharge plans:

If for some reason you were to relapse after treatment, then your Summer Sky Treatment Warranty will allow you to return to treatment for free. Once admitted to Summer Sky you will be detoxed and then evaluated for our 21-day relapse track. Our 21-day relapse track addresses issues related to those with a history of relapse.


We Aim to Meet Your Individual Needs

Whether you’ve recently completed a detoxification program or need our medical detoxification program; are seeking help for alcohol or drugs; or have had a recent relapse, our approach is designed to meet you where you are in your quest for recovery.   The Summer Sky team will help you make the transition into the level of care best suited to meet your individual needs.  Established in 1985, Summer Sky understands addiction—and, more importantly—we offer a solution!  If you’re ready to live a sober life, full of hope for a brighter future, take the first step—call Summer Sky today!  We’re here to help.

30-Day and 90-Day Treatment Options

It’s no secret that a minimum 90-day treatment program is highly effective for men and women who need a longer recovery period.  However, we recognize that many people can’t afford or aren’t able to commit to a 90-day option because of the demands of work, family and life in general.  That’s why we offer a flexible and affordable alternative.  If you’re in need of a more limited length of stay, our comprehensive 30-day residential treatment programs have improved the lives of thousands of patients—like you—by offering a high-level of individualized care to ensure your needs are met in a shorter period of time.  

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