30-Day Treatment Programs in Texas

30-Day Treatment Programs in Texas

When it’s time to stop drinking alcohol or using addictive drugs then the logical and normal course of action is to reach out to get help for an alcohol or drug problem. Millions of people find themselves trapped by an endless cycle of addiction yearly. If you have discovered that you or a loved one is struggling to break from any addictive substance, then seek help immediately.

People who know that an alcohol or drug problem is in their lives must get help as soon as possible. We can’t stress how important it is to get help as soon as you discover an alcohol or drug problem exist in your life. Too many people have made the mistake of ignoring or telling themselves they will get help later. This can lead to unnecessary and avoidable addiction consequences.

Choosing to enter treatment at a 30-day treatment program in Texas is an easy and fast process and if you are ready to enter treatment today this can be arranged immediately. Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers 30-day treatment programs in Texas that can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Summer Sky 30-Day Treatment Programs in Texas

Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers one of the best 30-day treatment programs in Texas. For over 37 years we have been helping men and women to reclaim their lives from addictions. There are some practical and realistic ways to stop addiction and learn how to not return to the addictive substance. The process of change begins with your recognition that an alcohol or drug problem is present in your life. Once you recognize you need help then call our admissions department to discuss your situation.

Contacting the admissions department will help in pre-screening so that we can help you with your alcohol or drug problem. Our 30-day treatment programs are designed to help people with all kinds of substance use disorders including people with co-existing medical conditions.

If for some reason our 30-day treatment program is not a good fit for you, we do offer a 60-day treatment program and 90-day treatment programs for more severe substance use disorders. If we can’t accept you into one of the rehabilitation programs, we will give you an appropriate referral to a substance use disorder treatment program that can help meet your needs.

Why Do People Choose 30-Day Treatment Programs?

We often get asked about the types of treatment programs that exist and how a person determines which type of treatment program to choose for rehabilitation services. It’s a good question and hopefully, we can help clear the air a little and make the decision a little easier for you or a loved one who is looking to get help for their addiction-related problem.

30-day treatment programs are the most popular type of substance use disorder treatment program in Texas and across the United States. They are accessed by more people than all other types of treatment programs combined. People use this type of treatment model because of the ease of access to the treatment programs as well as the duration of days involved in treating the addiction.

Let’s face it most people living in our society want and need quick and fast services and when your dealing with a substance use disorder time is critical. People who are addicted to alcohol or drugs often experience withdrawal symptoms when they reduce their usage or abruptly try to stop using an addictive substance. Summer Sky Treatment Center® helps address this problem by offering people medical detoxification services at the beginning of treatment. Summer Sky includes this service with all 30-day treatment programs which is an added benefit for people with substance use disorders.

Acute Withdrawal Symptoms

When people become alcohol or drug dependent on addictive substances their bodies and brains work hard to minimize the impact of drug use on their ability to function properly. An example would be when you ingest certain substances that produce sedating effects then the body releases endogenous stimulants to keep the individual alert. This is prominent with the usage of opioids and benzodiazepine drugs. The body tries to adapt to the changes as substances enter the body and metabolize throughout the body.

The adaptation can cause the effect of creating a tolerance to the addictive substance. This tolerance then sends messages from the brain throughout the body that it now needs more of the addictive substance to get the same sedative effect which in turn produces a physical and psychological need for more of the addictive substance.

Once the individual attempts to stop taking the sedating drugs it can take up to a week for the body to stop releasing the endogenous stimulant in the brain. Therefore, people who are addicted to sedative drugs or similar-acting substances must enter a 30-day treatment program that has access to a medical detox center to help the individual with the unbalanced effects of the endogenous stimulant release with proper medications administered during detoxification.

Acute withdrawal symptoms are a group of unpleasant symptoms that normally emerge after an individual abruptly stops or reduces the amount of an addictive substance. Since people with severe addictions often consume higher than normal amounts of a given substance over a long duration of time the individual develops a physical and psychological dependence upon the addictive substance.

The best way to view acute withdrawal symptoms is to view them as the opposite of those produced by the addictive substance itself. They are uncomfortable, disruptive, dangerous, and not appealing to the individual who experiences the withdrawal syndrome.

30-Day Treatment Program Recommendations

Some people do better in a 30-day treatment program over other forms of substance use disorder treatment programs. People that have had no prior substance use disorder treatment that have a higher-than-normal motivation or desire to be alcohol or drug-free tend to respond great in a 30-day treatment program.

If an individual is prepared to make a change in their life and they exhibit a willingness to become teachable from an educational perspective, then a 30-day treatment program can be very beneficial to this type of individual.

If you have found yourself saying to yourself that you must do something different other than using alcohol or drugs or you must stop using alcohol or drugs because it’s destroying your life, then you are most likely ready to initiate change by attending a treatment program. People with a determination to succeed are good candidates for a 30-day treatment program.

Do you already have a positive support system available after treatment?

When a person enters treatment, they leave behind a life of alcohol or drugs and the people who used to drink alcohol or do drugs with them are also still doing their alcohol or drugs. After a person completes treatment, it is always recommended that the individual change people, places, or things that trigger them to return to alcohol or drugs upon discharge.

For this reason, the environment that a person returns to after treatment will need to be alcohol or drug-free from substances. This includes not visiting people that will drink alcohol or use drugs in front of you after treatment. So, do you already have a positive support system awaiting you after treatment is complete? If so, then a 30-day treatment program could be a good fit for your situation.

Removing Environmental Factors for Relapse

It is important for people that are choosing to enter a 30-day addiction treatment program to keep in mind that there are environmental factors that can trigger or produce temptations to return to alcohol or drugs after discharging from a 30-day treatment program.

For this reason, if you already have minimal environmental factors that would lead you back to alcohol or drugs following the completion of treatment, then consider entering a 30-day treatment program. This risk of relapse is reduced when negative influences, living with someone who uses, or someone who drinks alcohol is not present in your life. Unsupportive people will need to be avoided after you get out of treatment.

The Continuum of Care Process

When people enter treatment there is a continuum of care that is provided throughout the treatment process into recovery. The process ensures that an individual is consistent with their treatment and that their needs are being addressed throughout the treatment.

Helping an individual get their needs met to treat their substance use disorder is a primary objective of all treatment providers. If you can pay for and are motivated for intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) or outpatient counseling, then this will make a 30-day treatment program more effective to attend to treatment services.

The continuum care process involves following up with other treatment services to continue treatment services once you are discharged. This could include attending intensive outpatient programs, outpatient counseling, private therapy, aftercare, and alumni support services.

People who can access these treatment and recovery resources including support groups do tend to raise their chances of remaining alcohol or drug-free after discharge from a 30-day treatment program.

Employment Opportunities & Few Stressors Following Treatment

It’s also important to consider that once an individual is discharged from a 30-day treatment program that engaging in employment opportunities or returning to work is important for people. The fewest stressors in the way are the best for someone new in recovery.

People who already have housing established, employment, and support systems already have an advantage for recovery and these individuals do excel in the 30-day treatment programs. The stressors the better off the individual can focus on continued treatment services and recovery.

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30-Day Treatment Programs in Texas:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers one of the most effective 30-day treatment programs in Texas. We help thousands of people yearly to break free from their addiction to substances. Our Texas Medical Detox Program and 30-day rehabs can quickly help you stop your addiction a get on a path to recovery.

When you choose one of our 30-day treatment programs in Texas you will join the faces and voices of recovery that have demonstrated that treatment & recovery can help you recover from an addiction. Today is a good day to get clean and sober and our admissions department is willing and ready to help you get into one of our Texas drug rehabs and begin the treatment process.

Upgrade 30-Day Treatment Program to 60-Day Rehab:

There are times when an individual enters our 30-day treatment program, and the individual realizes that they need more time in treatment. If this situation arises the individual can request additional time through our utilization review department. The utilization review department will talk with the insurance company on your behalf when a request for additional time is needed.

All individuals that are using their healthcare insurance to pay for treatment services will need to have medically necessary reasons for a request through a health insurance company for additional time in treatment. If you are denied the additional time, you do have a right to appeal the decision with your health insurance company if you believe your reason for more time is necessary

Private Pay individuals can request additional time in treatment or upgrade to our 60-day treatment program or 90-day treatment programs with a request sent to our medical and clinical treatment team. It is common for people to get started on treatment work and realize they need more time at later date.

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