For many people that enter a Texas drug rehab, 30 days is the right amount of time to get the necessary help.

Whether you have relapsed and need to get back on track with your recovery or this is your first time joining a program, we encourage you to reach out to Summer Sky to learn more about our programs. 30-day drug rehab helps you live a drug and alcohol-free life and allows you time to detox safely and regain the confidence and strength to move forward. You can easily fill out our contact form for more information or call us to learn more.


The 30-day drug rehab program is the most popular type of substance use disorder treatment program in Texas and across the United States. More people choose to attend 30 days of treatment than any other type of Texas Drug Rehab Program.

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Who Benefits from a 30 Day Drug Rehab?

There are many patients that benefit from a 30-day drug rehab in Texas. If you have been struggling with leading a sober life or have been sober in your past but have relapsed or your social drinking and drug abuse have taken a turn for the worse, one month can be the right amount of time to learn coping skills as well as safely detox from any substance while in rehab.

Many patients benefit from a 30-day drug rehab in Texas. If you have been struggling with leading a sober life or have been sober in your past but have relapsed or your social drinking and drug abuse have taken a turn for the worse, one month can be the right amount of time to learn coping skills as well as safely detox from any substance while in rehab.


If you have never been to a 30-day drug rehab center because you always try to go through the process alone, but with no success, then entering a professional drug rehab center is a great start to becoming free from alcohol or drugs. Professional rehabs are effective treatment programs designed to help you focus on your health while discovering how to stay clean and sober after treatment. Receiving help for alcohol or drugs begins by contacting our 30-day drug rehab. This will be a positive first step in the right direction for anyone with an addiction, and you should never hesitate to learn more.


When you join Summer Sky for any of our treatment programs, you can expect a professional staff that is highly trained in addiction treatment and recovery, a doctor to ensure you get any medical care necessary, and a variety of treatments and programs. We accept all major insurances and have received the highest level of certification. We also have some of the best treatment rates available for our 30-day drug treatment centers; we never compromise on the integrity of our programs and provide you with first-class service during the entire treatment experience.


You can expect to be treated with dignity and respect as you heal from your substance use disorder.  We understand that most people are looking for results and our 30-day addiction treatment programs are solution-based drug rehabilitation programs.

How Do You Begin Recovering?

By calling Summer Sky, you can begin the process of recovering mentally, emotionally, and physically. Our 30-day drug rehab centers in Texas are effective and provide a comfortable atmosphere to begin recovering from alcohol or drugs. The next step is to call us today. We look forward to serving you, and our admissions specialist is awaiting your call at 1-888-857-8857.

Summer Sky’s History

Summer Sky has a wonderful history of providing 30-day treatment to individuals across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Kansas. However, in more recent years Summer Sky has earned the status of providing national substance use disorder treatment. This has been validated by The Joint Commission® through accreditation. The accreditation process involves an external evaluation by experts that are specialists in the treatment of substance use disorder treatment. They are impartial to the facility and focus on the quality of care and many other factors to ensure the treatment programs are providing services necessary to those they serve.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® has earned The Joint Commision® Golden Seal of Approval™ which places Summer Sky among the best 30-day treatment programs across Texas and throughout the United States. We are here to provide the best evidence-based treatment services.

Read the Industry’s Go-To Guide partly developed by Summer Sky

Summer Sky recently was selected as a facility to be included in a book for the Joint Commission involving Documentation of Care, Treatment, or Services in Behavioral Health Care: Your Go-To Guide. We are grateful that The Joint Commission thought so highly of us to include our treatment plans, discharge plans, and other treatment material for all facilities to use to improve their treatment programs across the nation. We are not only helping the clients we serve, but thousands of other treatment programs can utilize our best practices to enhance their programs by using the materials we provided in the book.

Documentation of Care, Treatment, or Services in Behavioral Health Care: Your Go-To Guide

Our 30-Day Texas Drug Rehab in Texas

Our 30-Day treatment programs are enhanced to deal with the holistic approach to the treatment of alcohol and drug addictions. In many ways, you can say we deal with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individuals we serve. Our 30-day programs focus on the treatment of areas where an individual is most likely impacted by a substance use disorder. Everyone develops a personal treatment plan that fits their specific needs at Summer Sky.

Medical Detoxification in Texas

Medical detoxification is very important as a prerequisite to personal recovery, and for that reason, our 30-day treatment programs include medical detoxification in conjunction with the 30-day programs. The medical detox center is on-site and provides for a safe detox and smooth transition into our residential programs. If you have never had treatment before or have recently experienced a relapse, you will find that our staff and treatment programs are accommodating to your needs.

30-Day Addiction Treatment Continuum of Care:

During treatment, an individual will progress through different stages of treatment. The first phase is medical detox & stabilization which is essential to making sure the individual is clear enough to participate in psychological therapies during the stay at our 30-day addiction treatment program.

Detox is necessary for people with addictions to alcohol or drugs. An individual needs to be medically stable before psychological measures can be effective at treating an individual with substance use disorders. If an individual needs help with withdrawal symptoms, then the medical staff will help to manage the symptoms with medical detox protocols.

The second phase of treatment in a 30-day treatment program is inpatient treatment which is a 24-hour intensive medical monitoring for people that are dependent on certain drugs. Some people that are addicted to alcohol, sedatives, or certain opioid drugs may require inpatient detoxification services. If you are someone that has medically complicated acute care needs, you may require inpatient treatment before psychological measures in the 30-day rehab program can be effective.

The third phase of treatment involves residential treatment services which in the main treatment component of the 30-day treatment program. This is where you will work on items that were identified as problems or difficulties that need resolution. It involves alcohol & drug education, therapy, recovery support services, learning about the dynamics of chemical dependency, and relapse prevention therapy. The treatment will focus on providing you with solutions to maintain recovery.            

30-Day Treatment Intensive Levels of Care:

Once an individual has completed residential treatment the individual is offered an opportunity to either participate in partial hospitalization programs (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs and some case aftercare or alumni support services. People that choose this level of care or treatment services do increase the likelihood that they will remain in recovery.

If you are motivated to change and recover from your addiction, then you will be able to be successful in treatment and work toward achieving long-term sobriety or recovery. Once you discharge from a 30-day treatment program and intensive treatment services it’s a good idea to continue with individual therapy and family therapy along with either 12-step recovery programs or recovery support services.

30-Day Treatment Programs at Summer Sky

Our Texas Drug Rehabs are known for the most innovative treatment programs in Texas. Our 30-day treatment programs are popular for people seeking a quick solution to begin treatment and enter the world of recovery from their substance use disorder.

30-day treatment programs are specialized substance use disorder treatment services. Addiction by its very nature is challenging to treat because of the physical, psychological, and social disruptions that manifest during active addiction.

However, seeking help from a substance use disorder treatment program that offers 30-day addiction treatment programs can be the best thing you ever did for yourself. The treatment will help you to break free from your addiction. During 30-day treatment, an individual typically begins by utilizing our medical detox program.

Once the individual has moved through the detox phase of treatment then they enter into our inpatient treatment program or residential treatment services. This will all be agreed upon by you and the medical and clinical team who will decide when you are ready to change levels of care.

Treatment will go fast and quickly as a 30-day treatment program is designed to motivate you to meet goals & objectives from the design of the treatment plan that you will make once you enter into treatment. The treatment plan will be like a road map to guide you through the treatment process.

The entire focus of the treatment will be to help you heal and learn recovery-based solutions that you will apply in treatment and then continue after your discharge from the treatment program. Summer Sky will truly be your “Gateway to addiction Treatment & Recovery”. Success is only a phone call away.

When evaluating a treatment program, please contact our admission staff, and they will help you to understand our treatment programs and help you pick the program that best suits your needs. We can answer most questions on the phone and all calls are confidential. You can reach us at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss treatment options.

30-Day Treatment Programs and Relapse Prevention:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® has been providing Texas Drug Rehabs and Alcohol Rehabs for over 37 years to people struggling with addictions. In addition to providing some of the best 30-day treatment programs we also help the people, we serve to learn how to interrupt the relapse process.

The problem with having a chronic illness like addiction is that a return to drinking alcohol, using prescription drugs, or other addictive substance after treatment is completed is a part of the relapse process that can develop before the individual uses an addictive substance.

When you attend our 30-day treatment programs we will help you develop the skills necessary to interrupt the relapse process and education you on how to use practical recovery-based solutions so that you can prevent a return to active addiction from occurring. Relapse prevention techniques and tools are provided so that you safely navigate away from alcohol or drugs.