For many people that enter a Texas drug rehab, 30 days is the right amount of time to get the help that is necessary.
Whether you have relapsed and need to get back on track with your recovery or this is your first time joining a program, we encourage you to reach out to Summer Sky to learn more about our programs. A 30 day drug rehab helps you live a drug and alcohol-free life and allows you time to detox safely and regain the confidence and strength to move forward. You can easily fill out our contact form for more information or call us to learn more.

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Who Benefits from a 30 Day Drug Rehab?

There are many patients that benefit from a 30 day drug rehab in Texas. If you have been leading a sober life or have been sober in your past but have relapsed or your social drinking and drug abuse has taken a turn for the worse, one month can be the right amount of time to learn coping skills as well as safely detox from the substance.

If you have never been to 30 day drug rehab centers because you always try to go through the process alone, but with no success, then getting the professional involved helps you get the effective treatment you need with a focus on your health. A 30 day drug rehab is a positive first step in the right direction for many levels of addiction, and you should never hesitate to learn more.

What Can You Expect at Summer Sky?

When you join Summer Sky for treatments, you can expect a professional staff that is highly trained in addiction recovery, a doctor to ensure you get any medical care necessary, and a variety of treatments and programs. We accept all major insurances and have received the highest level of certification. While we have some of the lowest treatment rates available for 30 day drug treatment centers, we never compromise on the integrity of our programs.

How Do You Begin Recovering?

By calling Summer Sky, you can begin the process of recovering mentally and physically. Our 30 day drug rehab centers in Texas are effective and provide a comfortable atmosphere, and to begin recovering, all you have to do is reach out today.

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