30-Day Rehabs

30-Day Rehabs:

Do you need help with a drug addiction problem? Our Texas Drug Rehabs have been helping people for over 37 years to recover from substance use disorders. Summer Sky Treatment Center® is known for its innovative treatment of addictions. The substance use disorder treatment program is considered one of the best drug addiction facilities in Texas.

30-day rehabs are among the most popular types of addiction treatment programs in Texas and more people choose to enter 30-day treatment programs than all other treatment programs combined. The popularity is because of the easy access to treatment along with more 30-day addiction treatment options that exist around the State of Texas and throughout the United States.

People often need immediate help for their drug addictions when they make up their minds to seek help for their substance use disorders. It just happens that 30-day treatment programs are the shortest time that is recommended for drug rehabilitation services.

Choose A 30-Day Rehab Option Today:

Most everyone likes to have options and at Summer Sky Treatment Center® we are dedicated to providing addiction treatment options for the people we serve. Addiction takes away people’s options and forces people to have limited options during their active substance use disorders.

From the beginning of your treatment at Summer Sky, you will be empowered to make the right decisions to set yourself up with success in treatment & recovery. We can’t imagine having limited addiction treatment options, and we are grateful to be able to offer the 30-day rehab addiction option as well as our 60, & 90-Day rehabs.

Make A Commitment to Enter a Drug or Alcohol Rehab:

Our 30-day rehabs are great for people that need immediate relief from a substance use disorder. The acute withdrawal symptoms associated with some addictions are disturbing and dangerous to experience without medical detoxification. One thing that separates Summer Sky Treatment Center® from other Texas Drug Rehabs is the fact that we “include medical detox” with our 30-day rehabs.

Individuals and families have shared with us over the years that having access to detox services is a difference-maker. Especially because people are not always sure how severe their substance use disorder withdrawal symptoms will be when they stop alcohol or drugs.

The acute withdrawal symptoms that can emerge are uncomfortable and dangerous if not managed by a medical detox program. The added protection and safety of having access to full-time 24-hour medical staff is just one more addiction treatment option. Your safety is our highest priority when you choose to enter one of our Texas Drug Rehabs. We honor your commitment to enter our drug rehabs.

Choosing to Receive Treatment in a 30-Day Rehab Program:

The first question you should ask yourself is how severe is your addiction. This is critical because the shortest time that is recommended for addiction treatment is a 30-day rehab program. However, if you expect that you may be dealing with a more severe substance use disorder and you can commit to a longer duration of treatment then seriously consider going into one of our 60-Day Rehabs or 90-day rehabs. The severity of your addiction should determine which addiction treatment options you choose for drug rehabilitation help.

The Cost of 30-Day Rehabs:

It’s a good idea to be realistic about the cost of treatment when it comes to choosing an alcohol or drug treatment program. The 30-day rehab program is by far the lowest-cost addiction treatment option available. More people choose to attend 30-day rehabs over a longer duration of treatment programs because of the lower pricing. However, keep in mind that all 30-day programs are not the same, and just because the treatment program cost more or less does not mean the quality of treatment is the same.

Our Texas Drug Rehabs are less expensive because of the belief of our founders. Our founders believed that treatment should be affordable and easy to access, and they didn’t believe that the cost of rehab should keep people from receiving high-quality treatment services. One of their beliefs was that by making treatment more affordable we could help more people break free from their addictions.

This belief has turned into action which Summer Sky still strives to achieve monthly and yearly. We even offer monthly substance use disorder promotional offers to help individuals and families save on the cost of our rehab programs. We can win the war on alcohol or drugs by helping one individual at a time get into treatment and then help them enter into recovery.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® Does Accept Health Insurance Plans:

Summer Sky has been providing chemical dependency treatment services since 1985 in the State of Texas and we are on a mission to contract with every health plan possible. We have chosen to contact insurance providers with in-network rates to keep the cost of healthcare affordable for the people that choose to use their health insurance to pay for treatment services.

In many cases, we have earned preferred provider status amount many of the major health insurance companies for containing the cost of treatment and providing high-quality substance use disorder treatment services to the people we serve. To learn more about what health plans are covered at Summer Sky call our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857.

30-Day Inpatient Treatment Programs:

The 30-day treatment model has been the most popular form of treatment for as long as modern addiction treatment programs have been treating people with substance use disorders. Our 30-day rehabs have woven into the treatment process a biological, psychological, and social approach to treating people with addictions.

Our 30-day rehabs are considered a specialized substance use treatment program, that recognizes addiction as a chronic treatable brain disorder. We also believe that abstinence is a primary treatment goal that people with an addiction should make progress toward if they are to live successful and happy lives free of addictive substances.

We also recognize that addiction is a chronic illness that if left untreated will progress toward more severe illnesses as a natural progression of the substance use disorder. To heal from addiction will involve treating the physical body for the acute withdrawal symptoms, and then an individual will need to learn to deal with the sobriety-based symptoms of addiction. We utilize evidence-based best practices throughout the treatment program because they are well-documented to help people recover from their chemical dependency problems.

We do believe in 12-Step Programs, Relapse Prevention Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and 12-step Facilitation Therapy for those that find the 12-step programs as their best chance of staying clean and sober. For people looking for alternative forms of treatment and therapy, we also do offer SMART Recovery® as well as other treatment approaches.

Do you need Immediate Help with One of Our 30-Day Rehabs?

Our admissions department is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help assist you with questions, or concerns about addictions or for immediate admission into one of our drug rehabs. The admissions department can be reached by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is Your Texas Drug Rehabs Solution to Addictions.     

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