30-Day Rehabs in Texas

30-Day Rehabs in Texas:

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs are helpful for people who a dealing with an addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, or other illegal substances. The 30-Day Rehabs in Texas are the most utilized type of substance use disorder treatment program in the State of Texas. More people choose to enter a 30-day rehab program than any other treatment model.

Most 30-day rehabs in Texas are designed to help a person deal with the short-term acute effects of their addiction to substances. This is important because without medical detox & stabilization very few people can make the necessary change for long-term recovery.

30-Day Addiction Treatment Models:

People that are looking for a quick solution to their addiction problems typically seek help from a 30-day addiction treatment model. There are several different types of addiction treatment programs that people gravitate toward for help with their substance use disorders.

The 30-day addiction treatment model utilizes primary treatment services along with preparing an individual for the continuing care process after the completion of 30 days of treatment services. The first 30 days of treatment is considered a more intensive form of treatment.

The 30-day addiction treatment models or programs do yield a positive treatment experience for most people that choose to recover utilizing this form of drug rehabilitation. It is important for people that enter a 30-day treatment program to remember that this is only one part of the continuing care process.

30-Day Treatment Programs in Texas:

One thing that is good about the 30-day treatment program in Texas is most addiction treatment programs help with addressing an individual psychological defense mechanism. One of the defense mechanisms that is usually addressed at the beginning of treatment is denial. The denial of an individual’s addiction can lead someone back to their addiction if not dealt with during the treatment process.

Another area that is great when a person enters a 30-day Treatment Program is helping the individual to experience detoxification and helping the individual learn about Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. This is another critical area of learning that helps with preventing a relapse from occurring. People in a drug treatment center should learn some skills to prevent future relapse.

30-Day Addiction Rehabs:

Addiction rehabs do introduce people to medical treatment protocols, recovery techniques, and relapse prevention planning so that an individual can prevent a relapse. Some 30-day addiction rehabs will introduce someone to recovery support groups, alternative treatment therapies along with proven traditional therapy. In some cases, people will be introduced to extended recovery monitoring as a tool.

Addiction- is a chronic brain disease condition that does take time to heal from and the 30-day addiction rehab can help a person to learn the necessary skills to help them move forward in personal recovery. The individual in treatment is patient-centered and effective at helping people with chronic disorders.

Medication management is encouraged, and people are treated for their co-occurring medical conditions when they choose to enter a 30-day addiction rehab. The staff can easily implement alternative treatment approaches in a 30-day addiction rehab program if treatment is needed.

Affordable 30-Day Treatment Programs:

People who choose 30-day treatment programs will notice that these types of treatment programs are more affordable than the 60-day treatment program or 90-day treatment program which does give the affordable drug treatment centers an advantage over the longer duration of treatment programs.

While the private pay treatment rate is a plus for most people, the fact that 30-day treatment programs are also covered by most health insurance companies attracts a lot more people to choose this type of treatment program versus the 60 or 90-day rehabs.

30-Day Treatment Program:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® does offer a 30-day treatment program with medical detox & stabilization included. This is very helpful for people that are trying to save on the cost of rehab services. There are very few Texas Drug Rehabs that offer medical detox included including the 30-day treatment program. We have found this as an attractive feature for the people we serve with addictions.

This time-limited addiction treatment program is great for people who have never been to treatment before or for people that have only completed medical detox programs in the past but experienced a relapse after leaving a medical detox in Texas.

30-Day Treatment Programs do offer multiple access to different forms of therapy, and medications, as well as some alternative treatment, approaches when needed. Recovery support services are merged into the treatment process so that an individual can develop a good foundation for personal recovery.

30-Day Alcohol and Drug Treatment:

30-day alcohol and drug treatment programs do offer a more open-minded and pragmatic focus on the treatment process than other specialized or niche types of treatment programs. The treatment programs do take into consideration where the individual is in the addiction cycle and their individual needs. The reality is that not everyone is in the same place with their substance use disorder.

The recognition that people suffer from an addiction that is a chronic brain disorder has shifted the 30-day alcohol and drug treatment model to spending more time helping people heal the brain during treatment. The importance of nutritional support and physical exercise is strongly encouraged in treatment.

30-Day Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers:

Overall, the 30-day alcohol and drug treatment centers do provide effective therapeutic interventions that help motivate an individual to engage in treatment & recovery. Therapeutic change and healing are different for each individual in treatment. However, an individual typically has access to a wide variety of treatment therapies while enrolled in the treatment program.

While substance use disorder therapy is a primary focus of 30-day alcohol and drug treatment centers the medical management of medications and learning skills to interrupt the sobriety-based symptoms are equally important to people in treatment. 30-day treatment programs do encourage individuals to learn new ways to identify relapse warning signs and solutions to intervene upon relapse warning signs.

Immediate Admission into Our 30-day Treatment Programs:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® can facilitate immediate admission into any of Texas Drug Rehabs on a 24-hour 7-day-a-week basis. To speak with our admissions department and arrange immediate admission into one of our treatment programs you can call us at 1-888-857-8857.

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