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Summer Sky 30-Day Treatment Centers:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers alcohol and drug treatment that helps men and women who struggle with substance use disorders and chemical dependency issues. Summer Sky Treatment Center® is frequented by citizens of the Houston, Texas area. Individuals and families living in Houston and the surrounding area attend our addiction treatment programs monthly. Summer Sky provides high-quality addiction treatment to help people achieve sobriety.

If you are considering attending an alcohol or drug treatment program? Then consider Summer Sky as one of your addiction treatment options. Summer Sky is a treatment program that can help you achieve sobriety and help you to overcome your substance use disorders. Summer Sky is recognized as a national and state provider of substance use disorder treatment. We are one of the best drug rehabilitation programs in Texas.

Summer Sky is a result-driven treatment program that focuses on helping an individual heal from the biological and psychological damage created by alcohol and drugs. Helping people restore their health after being addicted to chemical substances is one of our primary goals.

Once a person is being treated for their alcohol or drug problem the social aspect of a person’s life can also be addressed during treatment. Many times, relationships will need to be mended, and our family program can help guide an individual and family in the healing process.

Evidenced-Based Alcohol and Drug Treatment:

When a person needs alcohol or drug treatment, they will want to look for a treatment program that offers evidence-based alcohol and drug treatment. Most evidence-based treatment programs are operating their treatment programs with tested treatment protocols that have a basis in scientifically validated treatment procedures.

An example would be an alcohol detox program that prescribes Naloxone to help reduce cravings for an alcoholic. The drug is FDA approved and has been recommended for the treatment of someone who has an alcohol use disorder. This is an evidence-based alcohol treatment medication that is offered by a treatment provider.

A substance use disorder treatment provider should utilize many different evidence-based approaches in their treatment centers. The reason for this is everyone will need different types of therapies to fit an individual’s personal needs. No two people will recover the same way or at the exact same rate, so treatment must be individualized.

Summer Sky offers medical detoxification along with many evidence-based treatment protocols. It is suggested that individuals enter medical detox prior to entering a 30-day alcohol and drug treatment center. The added benefit of providing medical detoxification to individuals needing a 30-day treatment program is an advantage for those seeking substance use disorder treatment. Treatment programs that offer onsite medical detox programs can help a person make a smooth transition into a residential treatment program after completion of detox.

Evidence-based alcohol and drug treatment programs help ensure the best possible opportunity for an individual to recover from a substance use disorder. Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers a wide array of evidence-based approaches to alcohol and drug addiction treatment. No single treatment component is more effective than another treatment component; however, designing a treatment plan that is effective is the first requirement of effective treatment.

Evidence-Based Approaches to Drug Addiction Treatment:

Those receiving alcohol or drug treatment are given several treatment options while in Summer Sky Treatment Programs. Once an individual is medically cleared for either inpatient treatment or residential treatment our clinical team will consider the biological, psychological, and social factors that a person will need to address during treatment.

This is achieved by performing assessments, treatment planning, and clinical recommendations. Our clinical team will consider the complex interactions of a person’s health, and illness and how to best deliver this care to the individual in treatment. Individuals will discuss with the medical doctor and clinical team which evidence-based approach is right for their treatment at Summer Sky.

Summer Sky utilizes an evidence-based addiction curriculum and counseling therapies to help an individual discover the causes and conditions of their addiction to chemicals. Our addiction treatment programs use evidence-based best practices during treatment.

The Best 30-Day Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in Texas:

People living in the Houston metropolitan area have enjoyed receiving treatment at Summer Sky for over 37 years. Our long history of working with individuals and their families from Houston and across Texas has helped thousands of individuals and families restore their lives.

Our extensive network of therapists that refer their patients to Summer Sky is another testimonial to why we have earned the acknowledgment of being one of the best 30-day alcohol and drug treatment centers in Texas. Summer Sky is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services and has earned the Golden Seal of Approval™ from The Joint Commission as an accredited substance use disorder facility. Our Staff is amazing at helping people with addictions.

Our 30-Day alcohol and drug treatment centers are among the Best Drug Treatment Centers in Texas. Summer Sky is a privately owned and operated Texas-based treatment center. Individuals and families have described getting away from the big city atmosphere as helpful during their stay at Summer Sky.

Summer Sky Medical Detoxification Program:

Medical Detoxification is a vital part of substance use disorder treatment, and our Best Detox Now™ medical detox facility helps individuals detox with dignity and respect. One of our goals is to provide safe and effective medical detox treatment while focusing on the elimination of toxic substances from a person’s body. The Summer Sky Medical detoxification program is included in all 30-day alcohol and drug treatment programs.

Why are 30-Day alcohol and drug treatments so effective?

Treatment works for those desiring to become clean and sober from alcohol or drugs. What makes a 30-day alcohol and drug treatment effective is the treatment center’s ability to motivate an individual to participate in the different evidence-based treatment approaches.

30-day treatment programs usually offer a wide spectrum of evidence-based treatment approaches that an individual can choose from during their stay in treatment. It’s important that an individual participates in the treatment planning made available at the treatment center. Allow the treatment center staff to guide you through the treatment and into the recovery process.

Does a person have to be motivated to enter treatment?

Some motivation is helpful when deciding to enter an alcohol or drug treatment program. Having a general desire to do something different besides alcohol and drugs is helpful when choosing to go to treatment. Being willing and open to receive help is even more important. Once a person receives medical detox their mind is cleared, and it is easier to increase motivation once a person’s mind is clear from the alcohol or drugs.

30-Day Treatment Programs:

In general, people take advantage of our medical detoxification program since it is included in the 30-day treatment programs. This is an advantage for people that are looking for a 30-day treatment program. This means that a person has the extra benefit of making sure they are medically stable from an addictive substance. People are often addicted to different substances, and we offer medical detox from the below substances.

Common Substances that may need Medical Detoxification

Alcohol Detox Cocaine Detox Heroin Detox
Methamphetamines Detox Fentanyl Detox Benzodiazepines Detox
Codeine Detox Oxycodone Detox Hydrocodone Detox
Sedative Detox Synthetic Drug Detox Amphetamine Detox
Barbiturates Detox Opioid Detox Prescription Detox


We Treat Individuals Addicted to the Below Substances

Alcohol Cocaine, including crack Heroin
Hallucinogens LSD PCP
Ecstasy Peyote Mescaline
Psilocybin Methamphetamines Marijuana
Synthetic Drugs K2, Spice, and “bath salts.” Fentanyl
Codeine Oxycodone Hydrocodone
Prescription Drugs Opioid Medications Tranquilizers
Benzodiazepines Muscle Relaxants Stimulants
Amphetamine Dextroamphetamine Phentermine
Methylphenidate Dexmethylphenidate Sedatives
Temazepam Flurazepam Barbiturates
Triazolam Over-the-Counter Drugs Cough and cold medicines
Inhalants, including amyl nitrite Spray paint Nitrous oxide

*Note: Not all the above substances listed above require medical detoxification, however when mixed with other physically dependent addictive substances then medical detox observation may be required in an acute medical detoxification program. There are many more addictive substances not listed above.

Summer Sky Can provide transportation for someone needing a 30-day alcohol and drug treatment program. If you need this service contact our admissions department to arrange for transportation to our treatment programs. The Greater Houston area cities we can provide transportation from are listed below.

Greater Houston Area Cities we Serve

Houston League City Pasadena
Pearland Sugar Land Cypress
The Woodlands Baytown Galveston
Rosenberg Conroe Lake Jackson
Texas City Deer Park La Porte
Friendswood Missouri City Spring
Channelview Atascocita Kingwood
Mission Bend Alvin Humble
South Houston Angleton Jacinto City
Stafford Bellaire Katy
Tomball Clute La Marque
Webster Dickinson Richmond
West University Place Freeport Santa Fe
Galena Park Seabrook Aldine

 **Note: The above-listed Greater Houston Area Cities is an examples of some of the cities Summer Sky will travel to for transportation needs. Summer Sky provides transportation to Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico.

Do you need alcohol or drug treatment?

If so, contact Summer Sky Treatment Center® to discuss how our treatment programs can help you become free from alcohol or drugs.

Do you need transportation to treatment?

Contact our admissions department, and they can arrange transportation to our 30-Day alcohol and drug treatment program.

Contact Summer Sky for Treatment Services:

Summer Sky can be contacted 24 hours a day 7-days a week, and we can often arrange a same-day admission. We can be reached at 1-888-857-8857.

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