30-Day Alcohol and Drug Treatment Fort Worth

30-Day Alcohol Treatment:

30-day alcohol treatment centers are a great solution for individuals that need alcohol treatment. People that are experiencing an alcohol addiction sometimes require medical detoxification (Alcohol Detox) followed by residential alcohol treatment. Summer Sky Treatment Center offers a 30-day alcohol treatment program with medical detox included. This means a person can receive medical detox and residential treatment at the same location.

30-Day Drug Treatment:

30-day drug treatment centers are focused on helping men and women deal with their drug problems. There are so many different addictive substances that people can develop an addiction to, and many of these addictive substances are physically and mentally addictive. Having access to a medical detox program and the 30-day residential program can make all the difference in the world when someone desires to become drug-free. Summer Sky helps people that are dependent on alcohol and drugs. Our alcohol and drug treatment programs recognize that when a person needs treatment, they usually need the treatment immediately. For this reason, our treatment centers accept admissions 24-hours a day 7-days a week.

Alcohol Treatment:

Summer Sky Treatment Center helps individuals remove the obstacles and barriers that keep a person locked into their alcohol addictions. Alcohol treatment helps with showing a person exactly how to stay stopped from alcohol during treatment and after treatment is completed. When a person goes to treatment, they learn recovery related skills in treatment that prepare them to stay alcohol-free. Most people will need alcohol detoxification at the beginning of their treatment, to address all the medical related issues of being addicted to alcohol and then once this process is complete, they can begin to deal with the psychological aspects of their alcohol problems. Alcohol Counseling and other therapies will be offered during the 30-day alcohol treatment program.

Alcohol Treatment Motivation:

It takes courage to ask for help for an alcohol problem. Once the desire to go to treatment is in your mind, it is suggested that you do not waste any time and begin searching for alcohol treatment. The mind has a tendency to developing excuses and sometimes tries to convince you that you can control the alcohol without going to treatment. Don’t let this happen and avoid trying to talk yourself out of seeking treatment. Go ahead and pick up the phone and call for help immediately. Remember treatment is a solution to your drinking problem so ask for help.

Drug Treatment Motivation:

There are never enough drugs in the world to satisfy someone with drug addiction. The pain associated with drug addiction is like no other feeling in the world. Treatment stops the addictive cycle and allows a person to put the brakes on their addiction. Medical Detox will help stop the cravings and help you with any associated withdrawal symptoms that may try to surface once you stop the addictive substances. Detox along with a 30-days of drug treatment will do wonders for someone that is addicted to illegal or legal prescription drugs. When the mind says, its time to do something different then heed that thought and ask for help immediately. There is no reason for continuing addiction when a solution is just a phone call away. Call Summer Sky now to stop the cycle of addiction. Our phone number is 1-888-857-8857 for immediate help now.

Summer Sky Treatment Center:

Summer Sky is a nationally recognized 30-day alcohol and drug treatment center located 60-miles southwest of Fort Worth, Texas. Every day individuals living in Fort Worth receive treatment from Summer Sky. Summer Sky is recognized as one of the Best Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers in Texas. Our reasonable private pay treatment options along with preferred provider health insurance status from most major insurances is an extra incentive to utilize our addiction treatment programs. Summer Sky is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services and accredited by The Joint Commission. If you need treatment give us a call at 1-888-857-8857.

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