30-Day Alcohol and Drug Treatment Dallas

Residents of Dallas, Texas travel to Stephenville, Texas on a monthly basis to enter the Best 30-day alcohol and drug treatment in North Texas. Summer Sky is a national alcohol & drug Treatment center that is serving the needs of people with substance use disorders for over 34-years. We are one of the Best 30-Day alcohol and drug treatment centers in Texas. Summer Sky utilizes an innovative approach to the treatment of substance use disorders. When you attend our 30-day treatment centers, you will experience treatment and recovery that will set you up for success.

30-Day Alcohol Treatment Center:

People that are experiencing alcohol problems will find that our 30-day alcohol treatment programs are designed to allow you or a loved one an opportunity to build a new life in recovery. Our 30-Day alcohol treatment center includes medical detox as part of the 30-day treatment experience. This means you can benefit from our medical detoxification program and then transition into our residential alcohol treatment at the same location. This helps with a smooth transition into the residential treatment after medical detox is completed. Summer Sky is an evidenced-based treatment center that focuses on providing best practices for people with alcohol use disorders.

Alcohol Detox:

If you are experiencing an alcohol problem, then Summer Sky can help you deal with alcohol detoxification to eliminate the alcohol from your system. Our 24-hour medical detoxification program can help you become abstinent from alcohol safely in our medical detox program. People that are addicted to alcohol often require medical detoxification to help with the alcohol withdrawal process. We monitor and provide medications during the detox process to ensure that your medical detox is safe and comfortable. Everyone is different when it comes to their need for alcohol detox and depending on the amount of alcohol consumed daily, and history of your drinking will depend on what medical protocol the Doctors use during the detox process.

The Summer Sky Alcohol Detox Program is staffed 24-hours a day 7-days a week with medical professionals that are trained in alcohol detox procedures. Some individuals will elect to utilize anti-craving medications after medical detox is completed.

Detoxification, in and of itself, does not constitute complete alcohol use treatment. However, being medically detoxified and stable is the prerequisite for alcohol treatment to be effective. Once a person has eliminated the alcohol from the body, then psychological therapy can be utilized to help a person deal with alcohol-related problems.

Detoxification Process:

The medical detoxification process will comprise of three essential detox elements.

  • Medical and Clinical Evaluation
  • Medical Stabilization
  • Preparing for entry into Residential Treatment

An individual should consider attendance in residential treatment after medical detoxification is completed. Entering our 30-day residential treatment program can help ensure that you become successful in recovery. Some individuals elect that need more time than 30-days of treatment may want to consider our 90-day treatment program. Contact our admission department to discuss the two residential treatment options. If you are someone who has had a history of relapse, then entering the Summer Sky Relapse Track™ may be another treatment option after alcohol detoxification.

Drug Detoxification:

In addition to alcohol detoxification, the Summer Sky Medical Detoxification and 30-day treatment center can help, and individual eliminate these drugs below out of your body. We provide substance use disorder treatment for each of the below chemicals.

Alcohol Cocaine, including crack Heroin
Hallucinogens LSD PCP
Ecstasy Peyote Mescaline
Psilocybin Methamphetamines Marijuana
Synthetic Drugs K2, Spice, and “bath salts.” Fentanyl
Codeine Oxycodone Hydrocodone
Prescription Drugs Opioid Medications Tranquilizers
Benzodiazepines Muscle Relaxants Stimulants
Amphetamine Dextroamphetamine Phentermine
Methylphenidate Dexmethylphenidate Sedatives
Temazepam Flurazepam Barbiturates
Triazolam Over-the-Counter Drugs Cough and cold medicines
Inhalants, including amyl nitrite Spray paint Nitrous oxide


*Note: Not all of the above substances listed above require medical detoxification, however when mixed with other physically dependent addictive substances medical detox observation may be required in an acute medical detoxification program. There are many more addictive substances not listed above.

Summer Sky offers 30-Day Alcohol and Drug Treatment for residents living in Dallas as well as individuals all through Texas. Alcohol Detox, Drug Detox, and Residential Treatment are available. To discuss treatment options contact Summer Sky at 1-888-857-8857.

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