30-Day Alcohol and Drug Treatment Austin

Alcohol or Drugs:

When a person begins to experiment with alcohol or drugs, they never believe they will become addicted to mood-altering substances. When people begin drinking alcohol, they sometimes believe that they will only drink alcohol on social occasions, with friends, or for a specific purpose. Everything seems harmless, and the idea that they could become addicted to alcohol or drugs never crosses their mind. People don’t plan on becoming alcoholics or addicts and society doesn’t even discuss this type of risk factor except for some prevention-related programs that provide outreach to younger students in school programs. However, people do become addicted to alcohol and drugs and when this happens alcohol or drug treatment is what helps them become free from addicted substances.

Alcohol Addiction or Drug Addiction:

When a person becomes addicted to alcohol or drugs, they usually don’t see it happening. Even the people closest to the individual sometimes miss the signs that a loved one is becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs. The people that progress into an addiction describes experiencing a lonely and difficult journey that spirals out of control. Once past a certain point, there is no turning back. The addiction takes hold of the individual physically and mentally until they begin to experience health and well-being problems. When this process begins to take place, the addicted individual will require substance use treatment.

30-Day Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center:

The 30-Day Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center is the most utilized treatment service out of all types of alcohol and drug treatment centers in Texas and the United States. 30-day treatment programs are suitable treatment options for people with alcohol or drug problems. Most 30-Day treatment programs offer medical detoxification or detox to people addicted to substances at the beginning of treatment. A person must be abstinent from toxic chemicals before they can benefit from what clinical therapy offers in treatment.

Those that receive help from 30-day alcohol or drug rehab program learn how to not return to alcohol or drugs during treatment. In addiction treatment, a person learns recovery based coping skills that help an individual not to return to alcohol or drugs. During treatment, helping a person heal their body and mind is important.

30-day treatment centers are designed to help people physically eliminate the addictive substances from one’s body. People that are addicted to chemicals will require psychological therapy along with education to help them deal with relapse triggers, mental cues, cravings, and other alcohol and drug-related issues.

One of The Best 30-Day Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in Texas:

People living in Texas and especially those living in Austin, Texas make the journey to Summer Sky Treatment Center every month to experience one of the best 30-day alcohol and drug treatment centers. Summer Sky is a nationally recognized alcohol and drug treatment program right in the great State of Texas. Summer Sky has been helping men and women from Austin, Texas become alcohol or drug-free for over 34-years. Summer Sky offers evidence-based alcohol and drug treatment services.

Summer Sky Treatment Center Services

Special Treatment Addiction Treatment Components:

Summer Sky Additional Program Services:

  • Equine Assisted Therapy
  • Therapeutic Horseback Riding
  • O.P.E.S Challenge Course (Low Elements/High Elements)
  • Pet Therapy
  • GOGA (Goat Yoga)
  • Activities Therapy Program
  • Personal Trainer
  • Access to Professional Gym
  • Swimming at an Olympic Size Pool

There are additional types of therapies offered during treatment that will be suggested depending on an individual’s personal needs.

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