30-Day Addiction Rehabs

30-Day Addiction Rehabs

The 30-Day Addiction Rehab is one of the most utilized types of rehab programs in Texas and across the United States. To say that it is popular is an understatement as this type of alcohol & drug rehab program has been around since the 1970s. The first types of residential treatment programs were 28-day addiction treatment programs. In 2000 the shift from 28-day treatment programs increased to 30 days of treatment for most substance use disorder treatment programs.

There is no doubt that in this ultra-modern civilization people are looking for the quickest and fastest way to deal with their substance use disorders. Individuals and families will sometimes ask a treatment provider do they have any solution that will work quickly. Unfortunately, there are very limited quick fixes to helping a person deal with their addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Most substance use disorders are considered chronic medical conditions which require ongoing treatment and recovery solutions to help a person maintain abstinence and quality of living free from addictive substances. It’s a good idea to view addiction as a chronic medical condition to prepare yourself to deal with the ongoing issues related to treating the addiction.

30-Day Addiction Rehabs Help Stabilize Acute Addiction Problems

Most people with severe substance use disorders will require medical detoxification & stabilization of the direct physical acute symptoms or psychological disturbances created by addiction to substances. To accomplish the quickest results to deal with these issues an individual normally chooses to attend a 30-day addiction rehab program that offers access to medical detoxification and substance use disorder treatment programs.

This is important when dealing with severe addictions because often an individual will need to deal with the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with their substance use disorder. Medical detox in Texas can be immediately assessed by contacting Summer Sky Treatment Center® at 1-888-857-8857 and our admissions department can help you with your treatment needs.

30-Day Addiction Rehab Programs

While there may not be quick solutions to dealing with an addiction to alcohol or drugs there are quick ways to gain relief from the acute symptoms of addiction. Most 30-day addiction rehab programs offer onsite medical detoxification programs that can immediately stop the progression and suffering experienced by a substance use disorder.

However, most substance use disorders will require more precise and dedicated treatment solutions to get the achievable success that people are looking for in treating addiction. A 30-day addiction rehab program will help an individual get on the path to becoming substance-free. If we could wave the magic wand and presto you healed from your addiction to alcohol or drugs that would be great, but the reality is addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory, and related circuitry¹.

The research and development of new treatments are rather slow at developing when it comes to addiction treatment and the scientific community. The medical, clinical, and scientific community now recognize addiction as a chronic disease, but the world, in general, is slow to accept this reality.

30-Day Addiction Rehabs will remain the mainstay of most addiction treatment programs in Texas or the United States until more rapid or quicker treatments are developed. The newest focus is on the emergence of addiction medications or Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT). More 30-day addiction rehab programs are providing more options like addiction medicine, medication-assisted therapy, 12-step facilitation therapy along with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Chronic Disease of Addiction

The chronic disease of addiction is a leading cause of accidental death in the United States. Most accidental deaths occur from overdoses. To prevent premature death, more people must recognize that they are suffering from a substance use disorder. The 30-day addiction rehab is uniquely positioned to play a critical role in helping people deal with the immediate acute care problems that are exacerbated by severe addictions.

The chronic disease of addiction cannot be cured in the traditional sense of the definition of what a cure means, however advanced addiction practices and treatment do provide relieve the symptoms of addiction and help to guide a person through the treatment process which will arrest the progression of the acute symptoms of the disease.

Once the individuals’ acute symptoms are stabilized then the treatment will help the individual to restore their health physically and psychologically and if the individual follows treatment plans and participates in a recovery lifestyle the individual will experience remission if they maintain the usage of recovery skills and solutions to keep the disease in remission.


The chances of a person relapsing or experiencing a relapse after being engaged in treatment for their addiction is like other chronic diseases. Most people are not aware that relapse rates mirror other chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. These chronic illnesses like addiction can be managed successfully by following treatment plans and making lifestyle changes. Addiction recovery is no different if a person follows treatment plans and recovery plans the individual dramatically reduces their chances of a relapse or return to addictive use.

Entering a 30-day addiction rehab will enable an individual to learn to reduce their addiction’s powerful disruptive effects on the brain and behavior so that they can regain control of their lives. While this is a treatment process that involves medical, psychological, behavioral, and social changes along with treatment techniques designed to help the change begin a 30-day treatment program is a good place to start the process of change.

Addiction Recovery

The goal of addiction recovery is to produce a change sufficient to help heal and improve an individual’s overall health and wellness. A recovery lifestyle will guide an individual into a self-directed life that will make it possible for the individual with the addiction to reach their full potential.

The most severe substance use disorders can with help, overcome their alcohol or drug problem. Addiction treatment & recovery help and individual regain their health and social standing in the community. There is nothing greater than full remission from addiction and 30-day addiction rehabs help to make this possible.

Addiction Scientific Evidence

It has been mentioned that there is no quick-get-well-quick therapy for people who are dealing with an addiction. The scientific evidence continually supports that the longer duration of treatment the more likelihood that an individual will experience lasting sobriety or clean time away from alcohol or drugs. Since the research supporting longer treatment is producing better outcomes 30-day addiction rehabs in Texas are offering additional program features that allow an individual to transition into 60-day addiction rehabs or 90-day addiction rehabs.

If you are someone who has a history of relapse, or you have been cycling between 30-day treatment programs off and on over the years it’s a good idea to investigate entering a 60-day addiction rehab or 90-day addiction rehab especially if you are someone with a relapse history. It is estimated that 40% to 60% of people with severe substance use disorders relapse after alcohol treatment or drug treatment, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

It’s a good idea to keep in mind that more treatment is better, but it’s also important that an individual be motivated to use their time wisely during the treatment process. In other words, it’s not just time that is important, but what you do while in treatment with the time that makes the difference.

Some people just need more time to deal with their addiction-related problems and people with severe addictions are more likely to need more time to work through issues and problems because of more complex physical & psychological problems.

Some people also have co-existing medical conditions or psychiatric disorders along with their substance use disorders and if this is the case it is always recommended that an individual consider the long-term type of addiction rehab program. A 30-day addiction rehab program admissions department will help you in matching your situation to the right length of treatment needed.

Summer Sky Treatment Programs

Summer Sky Additional Treatment Features

30-Day Addiction Rehabs & Recovery Correction Guidance

The 30-day treatment models help with restoring the individual to a healthy position to face life and recovery from the damage that has been created by an addiction to substances. The goal of treatment is to restore balance, and freedom and show an individual how to navigate through life without the use of alcohol or drugs.

When you learn practical ways to not return to alcohol or drugs you can accomplish anything in life as success can be achieved when you are not having to spend precious time maintaining an addiction. One of the most innovative types of therapy involved in 30-day treatment programs is relapse prevention therapy and recovery support services.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® provides full access to the most advanced form of relapse prevention therapy along with the Best Recovery Correction Guidance™ to help you navigate away from the relapse process into a fully recovered manner of living. Recovery and relapse are ongoing processes that certain skills can be learned to help keep you on the path of recovery.

30-Day Addiction Rehabs & The Path to Freedom:

When you choose to enter one of our 30-day addiction rehabs you will be beginning a journey to freedom from your addiction to alcohol or drugs. We have one of the most effective alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs in the State of Texas.

The first thing that we do at Summer Sky helps you stop the ingestion of addictive substances and then turn your attention to removing the addictive substances from the body through the detoxification process. We achieve this by utilizing our advanced medical detox programs.

Once medical detox is completed then the process of change can begin, because your mind and body will be free to learn effective ways to not return to alcohol or drugs in the future. Knowing what causes addiction is important, but we can do more by showing you the path to freedom.

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