Alcohol or Drug Usage

Do you doubt or question your alcohol or drug usage? Many people with alcohol or drug problems begin to question or rationalize why they drink alcohol or consume drugs. They often experience [...]

My GOGA Experience in Rehab

  GOGA “Baby Goat Yoga” As many of you have heard, yoga is an exercise that helps with pain management, flexibility, balance, stress relief, and even relaxation.  For any of your [...]

Texas Drug Rehabs Houston

Texas Drug Rehabs Houston Summer Sky Treatment Center is a Texas drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in Stephenville, Texas. People travel from across the State of Texas to utilize our [...]

Looking for Alcohol or Drug Treatment?

If your reading this post, then one or several reasons brought you to our site today. Maybe you have thought you might have issues with alcohol or drugs and you want answers? You may be [...]

Texas Drug Rehabs-Summer Sky Treatment Center

Summer Sky Treatment Center a Texas Drug rehab that has been serving those in Texas for over 33-years operates its main campus in the center region of Texas. Our alcohol and drug rehabs are near [...]

Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse is becoming and more and more prevalent across the United States.  The problem is that some people can’t recognize the warning signs of alcohol addiction in either a loved one or [...]

How Long Does Cocaine Stay in your System? – Cocaine Detection Time

Cocaine is an extremely powerful drug that produces an intense high lasting only a short while.  Oftentimes using cocaine results in an extreme rush followed by a not so pleasant crashing [...]

It’s True—Women Do Experience Addiction Differently

There are many unique health challenges that women experience differently than men, and addiction is one of them.  Women have only been recently included in the substance abuse studies, only as [...]

Fentanyl Seizures Around the U.S Skyrocket

Fentanyl is an extremely dangerous drug that can be lethal in only very small doses.  It is a serious drug that should not be taken lightly.  In fact, this drugs is so powerful that it is up to [...]

When a Friend or Family Member Is Stealing From You for Drugs

The desire for a fix is such a powerful thing that it can cause those suffering from addiction to do things they otherwise wouldn’t, including stealing from a friend or family member.  Addicts [...]

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