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 We value the thoughts and feelings of our clients long after they have left our facility on the road to sobriety.  Summer Sky takes great care in providing a lifetime of correspondence and support for both our former clients and their families. 

 “It is a wonderful feeling to be able to enjoy life now on life’s terms and not constantly be looking for a way to escape.  I have learned how to deal with my emotions and just enjoy the little things in life.  Summer Sky has absolutely changed my life!”

I am approaching my 4th year of sobriety and I owe it all to Summer Sky!”  Through all the education groups and individual counseling sessions, I was given the tools I needed to succeed and live a happy, sober life.” 

 “With your excellent counseling staff and awesome customer service, I would recommend Summer Sky to anyone seeking treatment.”

 “Summer Sky is the place to go for treatment!  I could not have asked for a better experience during my stay there.  All of the staff is quite friendly and accommodating.”

 “I want to say thank you to Summer Sky!  Your staff really cares about their patients and have made a huge difference in my life.”

 “I really appreciate all the dedication and hard work of your counselors at Summer Sky!  My husband had absolutely hit bottom and was on the verge of giving up on everything.  After receiving treatment there, he is not only a recovering alcoholic, but the best husband and father I could ask for.  Thank you Summer Sky for bringing back the man I married!”

 “Summer Sky is an awesome place to start your recovery!  I personally not only benefited from all of the groups and sessions with my counselor, but the ROPES cource and Equine Therapy were also very therapeutic.  Working with the music therapist also helped me to release anger and resentments I didn’t even realize I had.”

 “I thought I had lost my teenage daughter forever until we discovered the adolescent program at Summer Sky.  She received the treatment she needed for her addiction and now I have my beautiful daughter back and we have a wonderful relationship.  Thanks for your help Summer Sky!  I am one grateful mother!” 

“The Aftercare program at Summer Sky has enabled me to keep in contact with other people just like myself who are facing the same issues.  It is nice to be able to talk with others week after week who understand what I am going through and who can share similar experiences.”

 “The family program there at Summer Sky was a wonderful way for me as a parent to become educated on the disease of chemical dependency and know exactly what my son was going through and how I could help him.  Thank you for offering this beneficial program!”

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