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Special Treatment Rates For 2017!


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Warranty & Special Treatment Rates

Summer Sky offers a Treatment Warranty for anyone who is paying privately for treatment. Many times, people want to protect their financial investment on a treatment episode. By purchasing the extended warranty option, you protect the individual entering treatment against a future relapse should that individual relapse after leaving treatment.

The Treatment Warranty is a great option for those that want to protect their financial investment. We acknowledge that Substance Use Disorders Relapse rates for substance use disorders nationally are (40 to 60 percent) are comparable to those for chronic diseases, such as diabetes (20 to 50 percent), hypertension (50 to 70 percent), and asthma (50 to70 percent).1

Summer Sky Treatment Warranty 

Summer Sky Treatment Warranty™- The Summer Sky Treatment Warranty is designed to protect the individual who is entering into treatment and paying for treatment out of their pocket. If an individual entering our treatment program should relapse after leaving treatment, they can return for up to one- year after leaving treatment. If a relapse does occur, they will be entered into our Detox Now Program and once completed that program they will transition into the Summer Sky Relapse Track

Summer Sky believes in providing treatment options to as many people as possible. Summer Sky takes treatment seriously. For more information contact our admissions specialist at 1-888-857-8857.


30-Day Treatment Program

90-Day Treatment Program

$11,000 or use Insurance instead of paying private pay rate. Most Insurances accepted.

$33,000 or use Insurance to pay for first 30-Days of Treatment.

Note* If you pay the entire treatment cost we will discount $3000.00 dollars upon admission. This offer is for those that pay the entire 90-days up front only.

 Summer Sky Treatment Warranty


Summer Sky Relapse Track



You can private pay or use your insurance or use any combination of both to enter our treatment programs. The main thing is that you seek treatment now so that you can be one of the thousands that have sought help at Summer Sky in 2017. Please call for availability as treatment beds can fill up when we offer amazing special private rates. 

Summer Sky strives to keep treatment cost down for those seeking our rehab services. Many people that go to treatment find themselves impacted by the financial difficulties of substance use disorders. The reality is that substance use disorders take a financial toll on many families who are already helping an individual seek help for a substance use disorder. We recognize that providing high-quality treatment solutions and maintaining sound financial rehab rates does offer some relief to individuals and the families we serve.

Our founders demanded that Summer Sky always be conscious of the financial impact that substance use disorders have on families. Summer Sky was founded on the principle of service to those with substance use disorders. We want everyone to become free from substance use disorders. We have a proven solution and want as many people as possible to find recovery.   

Summer Sky has maintained a commitment to keeping our rehab rates as low as possible since 1985. We hope that by offering each individual and family the most affordable private pay option available on the market, we can help you or a family member become and remain substance use free. 


Special Rehab Rates



We have some of the most affordable treatment options available compared with other facilities from across the United States. Don't let price be the thing that keeps you from calling and getting help. Our Admission specialist are here to help you find the right treatment option for you. 

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