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Summer Sky Treatment Center Spring Into Treatment & Recover

Stephenville, TX - April 1, 2016 – Texas based alcohol and drug treatment center, Summer Sky Treatment Center—Announces “Spring into Treatment & Recover” Special Rehab Rates.

With over 31-years of providing addiction treatment to over 18,000 families and patients Summer Sky—takes a new approach to combating the current substance use epidemic. With soaring opiate use disorders and rates of admission into emergency rooms at an all-time high, we are lower the treatment rates for those looking for alcohol and drug treatment.

Mr. Scott Kelley President of Summer Sky Treatment Center says this about the lowering of the rates “We looked at the current market place and noticed that many people were using price as reason to not go to treatment, so we aim to change this problem by offering an affordable price break for treatment. This will allow more people to access treatment.”  With a clinical team that is already, providing cutting edge treatment the value that clients going to treatment at Summer Sky will allow so many more people to recover.

Summer Sky views it as privilege to serve with clients in Texas and surrounding states. Summer Sky is always striving to improve the lives of those effected by addiction.

Summer Sky Treatment Center is a nationally recognized alcohol and drug treatment that is accredited by The Joint Commission and licensed by the State of Texas. Summer Sky offers a 30-Day treatment and 90-day treatment for adult males and females.   

 For more information call us at 1-888-857-8857  

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Summer Sky Recovery Center Rings in the New Year with New Era of Leadership

Stephenville, TX - February 14, 2012 - Long-time and respected leader, Scott Kelley, LCDC, has been named President of Summer Sky Treatment Center--a Texas- based drug and alcohol addiction recovery center established in 1985.

With nearly two decades of experience in the addiction treatment and recovery field--and 15 years at Summer Sky--Kelley brings a wealth of knowledge, clinical expertise, business acumen and compassion for the valued clients Summer Sky serves.  Coupled with the respect he had engendered externally and internally, along with the relationships he has cultivated during the course of his steller career, Kelley's team approach makes him uniquely suited to help lead Summer Sky into a new area of delivering cutting-edge, results-driven, quality care for patients and their families.

"It's been a privilege to serve with Summer Sky to improve the lives of those effected by addiction.  Building on the organization's accomplishments over the past 30 years, I'm eager to help usher in a new era of excellence moving forward.”

Kelley began his career at Summer Sky in 1998 as a Recovery Advocate.

A rising star, he quickly worked his way up the ladder, most recently serving as the organization's Chief Business Development Officer.

Kelley is a member of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals; serves as President of the TAAP WACO Chapter; served on the Texas State TAAP Board and is currently Vice President of the Texas Addiction Peer Assistance Network--a non-profit organization dedicated to helping professionals with substance abuse issues.  He is also a member of the Employee Assistance Professional Association; serves on the Texas Association of Addition Professionals State Conference Committee; and is actively involved in addiction and recovery advocacy at the national and state levels.

Scott Kelley is married to his wife, Allison, and has two daughters, Grace and Caroline.

Contact: For more information call us at 1-888-857-8857 

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Summer Sky Treatment Center Attends Dallas Addiction Conference

Summer Sky Treatment Center recently attendedthe 2011 Dallas NOVA Conference.The conference is conducted annually by the Dallas Chapter of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals. The conference presented an update on addiction. The theme of the conference was “Communities in Circles” which focusedon the impact of addictions in our communities.

Stephenville, Texas January 25, 2011—Summer Sky Treatment Center,  the Texas Based Drug Rehab Center responsible for  treating over 10,000 individuals,  is pleased to announce continued support to families, individuals  and addiction professionals in Dallas, Texas. Summer Sky sent a team of addiction treatment professionals to the Dallas Nova Conference on January 21st and 22nd. Summer Sky was proud to have its Chief Clinical Officer, Jennifer Holbrook-McKenzie MA; LCDC, serve as a speaker on Peer Assistance for Addiction Professionals. Jennifer is the President of the Texas Addiction Professionals Peer Assistance Network, an organization dedicated to helping addiction professionals find recovery from substance use and mental health disorders and helps assist counseling professionals in returning to safe practice while protecting the public and promoting professional accountability.

The Summer Sky Team was pleased to offer four scholarships for students entering the addiction counseling field to attend the upcoming 2011 Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Legislative Conference to be held in Austin, Texas on February 16, 2011. This legislative conference will focus on substance abuse funding, substance abuse bills in the 82nd Legislature and strategies for prevention and legislative advocacy. Summer Sky is supporting individuals at the state and national levels in the fight against addiction. Summer Sky offers treatment for those who suffer with drug and alcohol disorders and related dual diagnoses. The population they serve is adult and adolescent males and females. They also have a facility exclusively dedicated for Public Safety Personnel only called Eagle Force Academy that will be opening in the very near future as the only one of its kind in the U.S. Admission is limited to the specialized populations of law enforcement, firefighters, corrections officers and emergency personnel. For more information about Summer Sky Treatment Center you can contact an admissions specialist at 1-888-857-8857 or visit them on the web at     

Source: Scott Kelley, LCDC
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Summer Sky Announces Special Holiday Treatment Rate


Stephenville, TX- December 2, 2010- Summer Sky Treatment Center, a Texas based inpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility since 1985, is pleased to announce a special holiday treatment discount for those needing addiction treatment.


The Holiday Season is upon us and every year Summer Sky Treatment Center offers an opportunity for more people to seek addiction treatment. The gift of sobriety begins with those that seek out treatment for their particular Substance Use Disorder.


Summer Sky, a National Addiction Drug and Alcohol Treatment provider that was recently listed in the Newsweek Magazine’s Best of Dependency and Addiction Solutions section is seeking to help more people during the holiday season.


We are offering our annual holiday special with a 25% discount off our 30-day treatment stay with medical detoxification included. This is for adults and adolescent male and female populations. The Healthcare industry rarely offers medical discounts, but Summer Sky understands that consumers who pay for private drug and alcohol treatment should be able to have access to discounts for healthcare services, just like any other industry during the holiday season.


During the holiday season, less people seek help for alcohol or drug addictions. The reality is more people begin to increase consumption of alcohol and drugs which means more problems occur due to drugs and alcohol during the month of December as opposed to other months of the year. We want to help take some of the financial burden off families and individuals seeking addiction services and help more people get sober at the end of the year.


Give the gift of sobriety by calling Summer Sky’s Admissions staff at 1-888-857-8857 or visit us on the web at



About Summer Sky Treatment Center:


Summer Sky is a 54-bed inpatient substance use disorder facility that treats adults and adolescents male and females and has successfully treated over 18,000 patients. Summer Sky is in the process of expanding its addiction treatment programs across the State of Texas.


Source: Summer Sky Treatment Center

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Summer Sky Announces Staff Award


Summer Sky Chemical Dependency Treatment Center is pleased to announce Mrs. Jennifer Holbrook-McKenzie MA; LCDC is the 2010 Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP) Counselor of the Year.


 Stephenville, TX – November 8th, 2010 Summer Sky Chemical Dependency Treatment Center, one of the Best Texas Drug and Alcohol Rehabs around and responsible for treating over 10,000 individuals, is pleased to announce Chief Clinical Officer Jennifer Holbrook- McKenzie has been named the 2010 Texas Association of Addiction Professional Counselor of the Year. Summer Sky is an inpatient drug and alcohol facility that continues to provide high quality addiction treatment for adults and adolescents. Recently Mrs. McKenzie was mentioned in the November 8th issue of News Week Magazine “Best of Dependency and Addiction Solutions”. Summer Sky is honored to have an individual with her experience leading Summer Sky.


Mrs. McKenzie brings more than 18 years of Chemical Dependency Counseling and management to the Summer Sky organization. Her vision includes providing evidence based best practice treatment as well as sound clinical judgment to the programs. Some of the specialized areas of practice that Jennifer brings to the Summer Sky Team are a focus and specialization in adolescent issues, family issues and chemical dependency treatment. Having been a leader too many of the nation’s top addiction treatment programs, we are glad that Jennifer is leading our addiction treatment programs and organization.


Summer Sky delivers cutting-edge chemical dependency treatment with the best evidence based practices to its clients. Results are very important to us at Summer Sky, if you or a loved one is seeking great drug and alcohol treatment call us at 1-888-857-8857 24-hours a day or visit us on the web at .  We look forward to serving you.



Programs and Services that make Summer Sky Unique!


·         Medical Detoxification

·         24 Hour Nursing Care

·         Admissions 365 Days a Year

·         Free Tri-State Transportation

·         Inpatient Treatment

·         Recovery Enhancement Program

·         ROPES, Equine  and other Physical Therapeutic Activities

·         Male and Female Adult Programs

·         Dual Diagnosis Recovery Program

·         Individualized Treatment

·         Family Program

·         Twelve-Step Recovery Program


About Summer Sky Treatment Center

About Summer Sky Treatment Center: Summer Sky Treatment Center is a Texas drug and alcohol treatment center that offers a 30-day & 90-day treatment experience for adults. The Staff is passionate about its mission to help those that have substance use disorders.

Summer Sky Recovery Center Announces the Summer Sky Experience™ a New Innovative 30- Day Addiction Treatment Program.


September 28th 2010 –Stephenville, TX—Summer Sky Recovery Center, The Texas Drug and Alcohol Drug Rehab responsible for helping over 18,000 adults find help through drug treatment services, is announcing the opening of the Summer Sky Experience™ Program. This new innovative treatment approach challenges the existing 30- day traditional treatment program model. The move to create a treatment program tailored to meet the individual needs of its clients is vital for recovery to take place. Summer Sky leads the nation in creating a treatment program that incorporates an experience model of addiction treatment. It has been known for some time that unless an individual experiences the work contained in the 12-Step Programs, there is little hope for recovery to take place. Most traditional treatment programs talk about the 12-step modality but never guide an individual through the process that brings about freedom. Summer Sky has taken the lead to change this reality into a true evidence based treatment program. The rehab is using proven techniques and sound clinical judgment to guide its clients into the recovery process. The facility is lead by Chief Clinical Officer, Jennifer Holbrook- McKenzie MA, LCDC, the 2010 Counselor of the year for the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP).


What makes this 30- day treatment experience different than the traditional approaches to alcohol or drug treatment is the addition of Equine Therapy, R.O.P.E.S Challenge Courses High/Low, Aquatic Therapy, Personal Nutrition Counseling, and Individualized Relapse Prevention Planning.

These are just some of the extra services offered at Summer Sky. We have a great mix of treatment therapies to offer our clients the treatment experience of a lifetime. For more information about this great program and other programs Summer Sky offers, please contact our treatment program at 1-888-857-8857 or view us on the web at .


Summer Sky’s Run for Recovery Sponsors Wellness 5k walk/ run to Educate Stephenville’s Residents about Substance Use Treatment and Recovery Resources

Stephenville, TX, September 25, 2010– A wellness walk/run held on September 25, 2010, in Stephenville, TX and hosted by Summer Sky, Inc.  raised awareness of substance use disorders by promoting positive ways of combating stress, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and informing our community about the available treatment and recovery resources. Many people who endure prolonged high levels of stress can develop substance use disorders, especially people in the military, the workforce, older adults, and families. The wellness fair was held as part of a national initiative known as National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month (Recovery Month), which is sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) Center for Substance Abuse (CSAT), within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This year marks the 21st  annual celebration of Recovery Month, which honors people in recovery from substance use disorders, as well as those who provide treatment and recovery services, and promotes the need for treatment access and long-term recovery. According to the 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, and Brian Underwood at Summer Sky’s Run for Recovery, who spoke at the walk/run, 23.1 million people in the United States needed treatment for a substance use disorder in the past year, and numerous of people in Stephenville are affected by addiction.

The walk/run was held to commemorate this year’s Recovery Month theme, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Now More Than Ever!,” with the goal of reaching groups who may be susceptible to alcohol and/or drug use and relapse during times of stress. “Stress can be a major contributor to the use of alcohol and/or drugs, and may trigger some people to relapse or return to substance use after periods of abstinence,” said Sara Hammond. “The walk/run is the optimal opportunity to share positive ways a person can cope with stress, highlight the benefits of treatment, and encourage friends, colleagues, and family members to begin their journey through recovery.”       


Summer Sky’s Run for Recovery; all proceeds going to STAR Council September 25, 2010

 Summer Sky’s Run for Recovery Sponsors Wellness 5k walk/ run to Educate Stephenville Residents about Substance Use Treatment and Recovery Resources

 More than 23 million people in the United States needed treatment for a substance use disorder in the past year according to the 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, and numerous of  people in Stephenville  are affected by addiction. To raise awareness of this disease and inform people of the available treatment and recovery resources, Summer Sky’s Run for Recovery will host a wellness 5k walk/run in Stephenville on September 25, 2010.

The wellness walk/run is part of the 21st observance of National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month (Recovery Month), sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This year’s theme, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Now More Than Ever!,” intends to educate the general public as well as specific groups on how daily and increased stress can contribute to alcohol and/or drug use, as well as the effectiveness of treatment and the possibility of recovery.

 The walk/run will educate the community about substance use disorders, promote positive approaches to combating stress, and honor those living a healthy life in recovery. WHO: Community of Erath and sounding areas. WHEN: 9-25-01 at 8:30 a.m., WHERE: Rome St. (in front of Tarleton State University’s Rec Center) 


Training will help when crisis strikes
by Cherry Rushin
 (Posted 7/2/2010 04:04 pm)

Those in crisis have a way of making their problems become a crisis for others as well.
Turning Point will soon offer a workshop to teach methods to handle this.
Tim Mills, executive director, said he would like to invite everyone from the community to come out and take part in the training.
“Everyone can benefit from this — business owners, housewives, parents, siblings, teachers. It’s a good way to reduce the potential for violence in the community,” he said.
Scott Kelly of Summer Sky Drug Treatment Center of Stephenville will be the trainer. He is a certified crisis interventionist.
Mills said parents who take the class will learn ways to interact with their children when they are in crisis without going overboard.
He added that a person in crisis doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who is totally out of control.
“It could be something like helping someone suffering from grief or loss, a teenager upset over a break-up or kids upset over bad grades,” Mills said.
He said business owners can benefit when dealing with potentially violent customers.
“If someone comes into their store, they’ll be able to recognize if that person may cause a problem and be able to head it off before it reaches the point of disruption,” said Mills.
He said the same applies to those working in a medical setting and educators.
“They’ll learn different ways to verbally calm people down, avoid physical confrontations and how to address bullying,” he said.
Mills has put his crisis intervention training to use in the instance of a person threatening suicide.
“Her parents caught her trying to swallow a bunch of Xanax. They brought her in, and I calmed her down and refocused her and got her the help she needed through MHMR. Without crisis training, I never would have been able to get her calm enough to get her where she needed to go,” he said.
He said one of the most important things about the training is learning how to emotionally separate yourself from the event.
“You’ll be able to learn how to calm someone down without becoming upset yourself. That’s the main thing, not feeding into the other person’s crisis,” said Mills. “It teaches you ways to remain calm so the situation doesn’t escalate.”


Jennifer Holbrook-McKenzie Joins Summer Sky’s Team

 Summer Sky Treatment Center is pleased to announce the new addition to their Management team. Jennifer Holbrook-McKenzie brings more than 18 years of Chemical Dependency Counseling and management.

Stephenville, TX – April 1, 2010 – Summer Sky Treatment Center, a freestanding Texas inpatient drug and alcohol facility since 1985, is pleased to announce the addition of a new member to the Management Team, Jennifer Holbrook- McKenzie. Ms. Holbrook- McKenzie brings exciting new vision in providing top rated services to those individuals, and their family members, who need help with chemical dependency.

Director of Outpatient Service: Jennifer Holbrook- McKenzie MA, LCDC (Start Date:  April 1, 2010) brings more than 18 years’ experience in the field of Chemical Dependency Counseling. Ms. Holbrook- McKenzie specializes in adolescent issues, family issues and treatment. She ahs worked for numerous agencies including La Hacienda (Young Adult Program), and served as Clinical Director of Spirit Lodge. While on staff at La Hacienda she was elected to numerous committees within the organization. Ms. Holbrook- McKenzie has five years experience in Prevention and Intervention, including designing and implementing Alternative Activity Programs for youth in rural communities. She spent eight years of her career in education working as the Director of Programs and Clinical Director for the Institute of Chemical Dependency Studies in Austin, Texas. During her tenure, Ms. Holbrook- McKenzie was part of the clinical team, which revised CI standards with DSHS and was head of the committee, which revise current state forms. In addition to her experience referenced above, Ms. Holbrook-McKenzie is a clinical trainer with TAAP (Texas Association of Addiction Professionals) and NAADAC (National Association of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselors).  In 1995, Jennifer completed an internship at Bellaire General Hospital (Houston), obtaining her QMHP (Qualified Mental Health Professional). She received Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2004 and completed her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in 2006, Cum Laude.  Ms. Holbrook- McKenzie instructs Distance Learning for the initial LCDC curriculum through ICDS, and facilitates their review and prep course for the ICRC exam. Recently Ms. Holbrook- McKenzie was elected President of TAPNET  (Texas Addiction Professionals Peer Assistance Network). This non-profit organization offers peer assistance to LCDC and inters in the State of Texas. Ms. Holbrook- McKenzie continues in private practice as an interventionist. Her private practice also provides life-skills training, harm reduction programs, and assertiveness training.




Summer Sky Addiction Recovery Center Adds a New Online Continuing Care Program


Summer Sky Addiction Recovery Center is pleased to announce a new continuing care program specific to the treatment of alcoholism and addiction to other drugs available online.

Stephenville, TX –January 18, 2010–Summer Sky Addiction Recovery Center, a freestanding Texas inpatient drug and alcohol facility since 1985, Summer Sky recognizes that the traditional 30 to 45 day inpatient treatment program, while a critically important beginning of the recovery process, is seldom enough in and of itself to achieve long term sobriety. Research overwhelmingly supports the proposition that “longer is better.” The longer one participates in a well structured program, the longer their successful recovery without relapse. Not everyone who has been able to access a traditional inpatient program can afford to do additional long term (90 days to 2 years) resident treatment. Modern Technology has provided an opportunity to enhance support for these patients. Summer Sky has chosen to take the lead by providing additional support to our patients by integrating our new and revolutionary web-based Continuing Care Programs with our inpatient treatment programs. These programs do not replace traditional aftercare plans, but complements and strengthens them.  THE IMPORTANCE OF CONTINUING CARE: Recovery is a process, not a single event. Traditional inpatient treatment is an excellent start in the recovery process. After discharge, continuing care is a critical component of recovery that provides the opportunity for personal growth while building on the foundation established during treatment at Summer Sky. The tools we provide, when applied in real life situations, are proven to sustain sobriety. Within the security of the group, Summer Sky’s Continuing Care Programs support our alumni as they encounter real life situations.  THE PROBLEM: In 2008, 22.2 million Americans suffered from substance abuse or chemical dependency to alcohol or other drugs. In 2008, only 2.3 million American received addiction treatment at a specialty facility like Summer Sky. Approximately 85 to 90% of patients suffer a brief relapse after discharging from traditional chemical dependency treatment.  Studies show that approximately 10% of patients discharged from traditional treatment centers follow through with their discharge and aftercare plans. Many patients are unable to access long term residential aftercare programs because of time or money limitations. THE SOLUTION: SUMMER SKY’S CONTINUED CARE PROGRAMS PROVIDE THE “MISSING LINK”. By combining the latest technology, connectivity with the Internet and virtual on-line meeting rooms we facilitate the ability of our patients discharged from inpatient treatment to participate in live group sessions with other Summer Sky alumni.  Each session consists of live web-cam video, voice and chat and is led by Summer Sky professionals who were a part of the patient’s inpatient treatment team, supplemented by other leading addiction treatment and recovery professionals.  Our transitional curriculum is designed around real life recovery issues and is presented in groups of no more than six participants. Individual sessions help to provide more personal support and guidance.  Summer Sky now offers TWO Continuing Care Programs: EXTRAcare and ULTRAcare.  These continuing aftercare programs are designed to have a high level of contact with our former patients and to keep them engaged in the recovery process for at least 1 year after discharge.  For more information please contact Gena Teer or Scott Kelley at 254-968-2907.


Summer Sky Treatment Center Launches a Holiday Treatment Rate

Texas based Summer Sky Treatment Center, renowned for its state of the art evidence based addiction treatment programs, is offering a gift to the recovery community and those who have been adversely affected by our current economy. This gift is in the form of providing special private pay rates for those suffering from addictions. If you or someone you care about is suffering with an addiction to alcohol or other drugs, getting help can sometimes seem difficult. The nature of addiction has many psychological defense mechanisms that can stop an individual from asking for help. The holiday season becomes a great excuse for individuals to put off getting help, and the problems related to financial matters burden families even greater during this time of the year.


To assist individuals and their family members during this Holiday Season, Summer Sky is offering discounted rates for admission to their Adult & Adolescent addiction treatment programs. We want to help those who would ordinarily refuse to seek help during this time of the year. Adult male and female patients will receive 30 days of clinical inpatient treatment for $5,000.  This price includes 12 months of Summer Sky’s EXTRAcare program.  Adolescent male and female patients will receive 45 days of clinical inpatient treatment for $7,500.  They too will receive 12 months of Summer Sky’s EXTRAcare program.  These special rates exclude medical detoxification and physician’s fees.


Summer Sky provides free transportation for individuals living in Texas, and out-of-state patients are considered for free transportation on a case-by-case basis.  Special Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve celebrations are being planned to make sure everyone enjoys this Holiday Season.


Summer Sky was established in 1985, is a national provider of chemical dependency treatment services, and has helped thousands of individuals find recovery from addictions to alcohol or other drugs.  If you need more information regarding Summer Sky’s “priceless gift of sobriety” the Holiday Season, please call  888-857-8857 .




Summer Sky Treatment Center Adds Newest Additions to Staff



Summer Sky Treatment Center is pleased to announce new additions to their Executive Team.  The members of this team bring at least 45 years of clinical and business development experience specific to the treatment of alcoholism and addiction to other drugs.


Stephenville, TX – August 17, 2009 – Summer Sky Treatment Center, a freestanding Texas inpatient drug and alcohol facility since 1985, is pleased to announce the addition of four new members to the Executive Team.  Each member brings an exciting new vision in providing top rated services to those individuals, and their family members, who need help with chemical dependency.


President & General Counsel:  Richard G. Worthy, BBA, JD – (Start Date:  April 15, 2009) Richard’s route to a new career in chemical dependency treatment has taken some unusual twists and turns.  Upon graduation from The University of Texas at Austin Schools of Business and Law in 1973, he began his professional career as Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County, Texas.  Before becoming Chief Felony Prosecutor of Major Commercial Fraud he prosecuted 100’s of cases that stemmed from drug and alcohol abuse and addiction including DWI’s, possession or distribution of controlled substances.  However, the criminal justice system paid little attention to the underlying sicknesses of defendants or the treatment that may have prevented such crimes in the first place.  After a short stint in private practice, in 1983 he became President and General Counsel and eventually owner of a small commercial finance company that grew during his 23 year tenure to one of the largest of its kind in the nation.  Upon his planned semi-retirement Richard established a small company to pursue his creative interests in furtherance of his passion for the State and The University of Texas.  In April 2009, in the course of doing legal work for Summer Sky, owner Ms. Shaun Conlan determined that the best interests of Summer Sky and its current and future patients would be served by appointing Richard as President.


Director of Clinical Services:  David Houke, LMSW, LCDC – (Start Date:  August 3, 2009)  David’s management experience extends over thirty years with the last eighteen years at a Texas based treatment center near Kerrville.  Moving from Case Manager, to Family Program Director and then to the Adult Program Director, David has been a part of a leadership team since 1991.  He was a key member of the team that created an electronic charting system currently used by the former facility, and plans to assist in upgrading Summer Sky’s medical records to a state-of-the-art system.   David completed his Bachelor’s Degree at Southern Illinois University and his Masters in Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio.  He is an active member of the National Association of Social Workers and has served as a member of the steering committee for the NASW San Antonio Unit.  His philanthropic work has also included service and Board President of Charisse Community Health Care in Austin, and Board Member for the House of Hope in Kerrville. 


Director of Marketing & Operations:  Gena K. Teer – (Start Date:  May 11, 2009) Gena has over fifteen years of experience in the field of chemical dependency treatment and prevention.  Beginning her career in the marketing and operations department of a Texas based treatment center, she served as Community Relations Coordinator, Assistant Marketing Director, and Director of Public Relations.  In 2004, Gena began working with high schools in Texas to promote the Shattered Dreams program.  This two-day program promotes responsible decision making by high school juniors and seniors regarding drinking and driving by showing them how irresponsibility can end all dreams.  Gena is the past and current chair for the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP) Annual State Conference on Addiction Studies (2009 – 2010), and was awarded the First Annual Recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award from TAAP (2008).  She has been an active member of Rotary International since 2004, received The Edward M. Schlieter Rotarian of the Year Award (2007 – 2008) from the Kerrville Noon Rotary Club, and became a Paul Harris Fellow in 2009.  The knowledge and experience Gena brings to Summer Sky Treatment Center enhances the continued growth and development of each facet of the facility.


Director of Community Relations:  Scott Kelley, LCDC – (Start Date:  July 8, 2009)  Scott has over eleven years experience in the field of chemical dependency and brings fifteen years of personal recovery to the team.  Scott is the Vice President of the Texas Addiction Professionals Peer Assistance Network (TAPNET), President of the Waco Chapter of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (2000 – 2009), a member of the National Association of Addiction Professionals (NAADAC), and Exhibitors/Sponsorship Chair for the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals State Conference on Addiction Studies.  Scott is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor who specializes in intervention services for Summer Sky Treatment Center.  


Summer Sky is a 54 bed facility located in the small rural town of Stephenville, Texas and is privately owned and operated.  There are age and gender specific programs for male and female adults and for male and female adolescents, 13 – 17 years of age.  To enhance each patient’s treatment plan Summer Sky has recently added Equine Therapy, low and high ROPES courses, Music Therapy and Art Therapy and a variety of physical exercise opportunities including the use of an Olympic-sized indoor/outdoor swimming pool.  Summer Sky Treatment Center continues to improve and enhance its treatment programs to provide innovative ways to challenge our patients to reach their goals for enjoying life while maintaining continuous sobriety.