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Addiction Conferences

Summer Sky participates in various addiction focused conferences around the State of Texas. We believe in supporting our local, state and national addiction treatment communities by providing cutting-edge addiction focused education at different conferences. We are highly engaged in the education process and supporting continuing education for addiction professionals. Below is a list of different workshops and conferences that Summer Sky supports.

 San Antonio, Texas

Summer Sky is a proud sponsor of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals State Conference. TAAP is one of the largest addiction conferences in the State of Texas. If you are an addiction professional and want to advance your level of education and learn more advanced practices in addiction, this is the conference to attend. Addiction treatment is the responsibility of all addiction professionals, and Summer Sky is an active supporter of the newest advancement of addiction practices. We hope to see as many addiction professionals at this Texas conference. Making a direct impact on the lives of those who suffer from addictions is our highest priority.

Texas Association of Addiction Professionals State Conference on Addiction Studies

Ft. Worth, Texas
  • 25th Annual Metamorphosis Conference (Presented by Texas Association of Addiction Professionals Fort worth Chapter).

 Keynote Speaker: Sponsored by Summer Sky Treatment Center:

Conjoint Treatment of Substance Abuse and Trauma Issues: Presented by Mrs. Vicki Moody, MA, LPC

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